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Tips you should know to order your best 3D visualization

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

When we start to think of a 3D visualization project of any kind, (which is, by the way, described in our previous article: “Understanding the types of 3D architectural visualization projects”), we expect a full understanding of our needs by the company we want to work with. What if we would say it is not enough? Your future cooperation will be even more productive and easier with essential knowledge of some useful aspects and features of the 3D visualizing process, which will help you understand the workflow from the company’s perspective as well. The 3D visualization process requires a meticulous and accurate individual approach. We would like to introduce to you the most common terms that 3D companies use during the work process and negotiation, along with key information that is usually required from you before the work starts. Use them to make the communication flow faster.Street view, 3D RenderStage number one – initial negotiations

The process of cooperation with a 3D visualization company may be divided into several stages. The initial stage includes primary details that are vital before the project is started. First things first: think through the exact features your project is expected to have. How would you like to see the final result? It is better to have ready insights beforehand. A thorough analysis of such valuable elements will significantly improve the understanding of your ideas.

-Present a mood board or sketches with your ideas drawn. Share inspirations with the company. Your personal vision of the project derived from inspiration is going to be the starting point to further execution. Many people struggle with finding inspirational insights or lose the sharpness of vision. There are a lot of sources plentiful of published 3D visualizations and ideas you may take. There are a lot of sources plentiful of published 3D visualizations and ideas you may take. The portfolio of our company is enriched with professional and photorealistic visualizations of interiors, exteriors, products, 360’ degrees virtual tours, and floor plans. Moreover, the Viscato Pinterest page has mood boards prepared for your inspiration. Take some ideas for yourself, or find exactly what you’d prefer to implement! Simply speaking, try to take into consideration the portfolio of the company you chose to work with as an inspirational trampling for mood boards or sketches to draw. Send your ideas to the team.Residential complex next to the river, Viscato 3D

-Camera angles and mood indications are the next details of the composition. Speaking about camera angles, it should be known whether it is preferable to receive the bird’s-eye view when it comes to exteriors and architectural visualizations. Or the view should be right, or left-sided, maybe some interior items should be focused more than others. Sometimes our team is asked to prepare interiors with the view from above. Try to identify the possible angles. The external background of the project means among others the day or nighttime applied for the project. The visualizations are presented in a completely different way depending on the daytime. It is recommended to consider the season of the year and lighting. Your project will look in another way surrounded by the autumn or winter exteriors, the same difference will be noticeable while night and day time.

-In case your architectural exterior project is going to be built in real life, the photos of its future location are preferable. Thus, 3D architects will be able to make visualizations inside the real environment.

-Remember about the high quality of all visual materials you send, if it is possible. The more detailed your information is, the better the initial visualization is prepared.

-We would like to pay your attention to the possible types of drawings and pictures required: dwg- the format which is one of the most widely used for the 3D design and drawings; pdf; jpg; jpeg. The usual size of the pictures is expected to be more than 600×800 pixels.Luxurious Real Estate, 3D Architecture Stage number two – the process of realization

Finally, when all initial details are prepared and delivered, the company starts to work on your project. At this point, the company prepares the initial design, considering all your requirements mentioned in stage one.

-The visualization starts with the 3D model. This is the process of “sculpting” your ideas into the 3D world. Taking all the needed geometrical figures and putting them together into the volumetric object recreates the “skeleton” of the future project. Thereafter, this model is fulfilled with needed features, such as lights, angle, day, or nighttime.

-You will be presented with the basic option of the visualization to check if all the aspects are matching your expectations. Accurate feedback is crucial. Remember to provide the team of 3D designers with all the needed changes and corrections. The further workflow is directed to gradual additions to the project, which are the combination of comments of the client and advice of the company’s professional team, and the fulfillment of the project with complementary details till the final stage will be finished.

-The process of post-production is the last step toward the final product. It includes the adjustments of colors, textures, and lights altogether to make the project as realistic and appealing as much as possible.Kids Playground, 3D RenderStage number three- your realization is finished and delivered!

Now you know what to prepare and anticipate from the 3D visualization company and how to cooperate effectively, speaking the common language with architects. This article will be especially valuable for people who try to cooperate with companies for the first time. The number of stages and their order may vary depending on the company, but some basic steps remain the same for the majority. Our company works according to the plan described above, but we are always open to new suggestions and actively negotiate with our clients. Great cooperation is the result of efforts made from both sides, and we hope this article will bring you closer to the visualization of your dream.

If you have any questions about the workflow stages or would like to have some recommendations- do not hesitate to ask the Viscato professional team via online chat on our website. Try the high-end 3D visualization services of Viscato!

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com


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