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The concept of sustainability in architecture, design, and the 3D industry- why is it so valuable?

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

The topic of sustainability in architecture and design itself remains popular and -commonly discussed. The appearance of this concept proves how fast the field of architecture and design changed through time in a more progressive way. This definition emerged because of the ecological, and environmental problems and challenges that intensified during the last decade. Designers and architects started to invent new methods and types of construction, ways of building to avoid the damage to our ecosystem and build comfortably and even more effectively. The same happened with the design – since that moment designers started to pay special attention to the materials, their nature, and the amount needed to use. Sustainability can be called a trend or movement towards recognizing, solving, and helping nature to recover and, simultaneously, make people’s lives better and healthier. When we talk about the sustainability of architecture and design, we consider the support and safeguard of nature and all systems on the Earth, starting from the sketches of the projects and finishing ready results. Such projects are gaining more and more fame among customers – the idea of upholding nature becomes the priority for many of us. Moreover, it is important to emphasize its benefits: natural resources that may significantly improve our health.Golden Corridor, Viscato 3D VisualizationsFeatures of sustainable architecture

When it comes to sustainability in architecture, the first thought that comes to mind concerns ecological or “green” buildings with a special accent to the environment. This type of architecture is the latest trend in building houses, districts, and city planning, striving to take into account the socio-economical needs as much as possible. This architecture tries to bring people closer to nature. You will easily distinguish the usual architecture from a sustainable one. How? The gray, lonely, concrete buildings that we used to see on the streets are gradually replaced with those developed with recyclable materials that may be easily utilized without any damage to nature, solar panels, and amazing greenery. Remember, sustainability is not about the only externality, it is about components that work together to create the needed healthy impact. These components reduce the unfavorable outcome for the environment. Possible problems that may be successfully solved are inappropriate and irrational use of water, energy, and all the natural resources that are taken for architecture. Sustainable buildings change our climate or at least prevent the future destruction of it, giving a healthier future for the next generations. There are a lot of characteristics that sustainable architecture is about, we would present you with some of them:

-Resource Optimization
-Reduced energy consumption
-Use of natural energy sources
-Reduce waste and emissions
-Improving the quality of life for residents
-Lower maintenance and building costs
-Their main task is to create an artificial habitat that is as friendly as possible to nature. This means that the facilities being built must be passive, environmentally sustainable, and operationally efficient, and safe for the natural processes of the existing ecosystem.Wooden Ceiling, Interior RenderSustainable interior design

Well, sustainable interior design is also something new for us today. The most appropriate explanation of this concept may sound like this: the unification of common design operations and beauty with a naturally efficient approach. When sustainable architecture highlights the positive effect on the external climate, the interior, in turn, cares about the improvement of the quality of the indoor environment. The sustainability of the interior depends not only on the materials and interior items that are used inside the house, apartment, or office but on their disposal and recycling. Now such interior style is a much broader concept, which includes not only decoration and furniture made from natural materials, but also filling the interior as a whole, including lighting (energy-efficient appliances, LED), ceiling solutions, and other features. It is important to emphasize the usage of natural materials like wood, stone, or even moss! Yes, many designers offer such a solution for the clients. The whole wall may be decorated with natural moss, considering the irrigation system, or it may be finished with any other greenery to minimize pollution and improve air quality. Eco-flames and fireplaces are also widely-used, because of their safety for the climate and tenants. You may also have a look at how beautiful the green wall solution looks like a part of the office interior, or, for instance, an element of green corner inside the office. Natural fabrics and carpets, made from wool or cotton, are preferable over synthetics.Golden Interior, Viscato 3D Company

The idea of the sustainability of the design is absolutely worthwhile! Thanks to this, you may enhance your comfort and health level and, in addition, cut your bills and save cash! If you just started your “eco-path” towards understanding and implementing sustainability, do not be afraid of losing the beauty by replacing standard materials with eco ones, you will see a significantly more positive difference afterward.

What about sustainability in the 3D industry?

As we are a 3D visualization company, we couldn’t miss discussing this topic from our perspective. We have delivered plenty of different projects and have to say – more and more clients and developers choose a more natural approach. By the way, one of the most popular solutions for sustainable architecture is 3D printed houses and the revolution of 3D printed concrete. It made the houses more affordable and expanded the market of architecture, simplified many processes, and reduced waste.Hanging Chair, 3D Visualization When it comes to the 3D visualization activity, it is still the best way to represent the sustainability of the design and buildings. Moreover, this is the only way to present in detail all the features of the eco-style and all its combinations of it. We believe, that 3D renderings allow seeing how beautiful this architecture or design may be, and how many combinations may be created and successfully introduced into reality.

The topic of sustainability may be discussed further and infinitely, as it is a really complex, many-sided area. Today, the focus on environmental friendliness is an important global trend that covers such areas as interior design and architecture. This is a new wave that definitely has to be studied more deeply than by reading only one article, but we hope we explained the most important aspects in the simplest way and motivated you to pay attention to them and try.

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of the projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com

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