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Vintage wave in your interior: old-fashioned or well-forgotten new?

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

There is a big fight between designers- to invent new concepts or stick to old styles as examples to surprise the client. Maybe, there is no golden meaning in this controversy, but what we will try to achieve in this article is to identify the advantages and distinctive features of this style for you. If you decided to change interior conception or thought of a brand-new design – our blog is the right place to find fresh ideas! Perhaps, you will find some answers to your questions. Hand-made mirror, 3D RenderNature of Vintage

As the first step, let’s try to determine the Vintage itself. At the outset, we used to associate this style with something very old: furniture from the past, old-styled items, which took place in the apartments from the last century, or older past eras. Frankly speaking, because of these “travelings” through many past eras, it is not easy to identify the vintage in the raw. Vintage can be a part of a country style, classic, or even modern one. There is just one dimension – this style has its common feeling of coziness and high-quality antiquity. The strongest advantage of the Vintage is a unique chance to combine old and new styles in amazing compositions and enjoy them simultaneously. The vintage style loves symmetry and usage of natural materials for furniture, textures, and textile, which allows getting a very harmonious and balanced design. The best way to find and use the proper items for the Vintage style is to use intuition! In this article, you will find several items you may use to recreate the Vintage style in your interior, so let’s start!Velvet Armchair, Furniture Render Vintage furniture

If you have some old furniture that gathers dust in the attic or pantry, it is the best time to use it for the interior and give it the second chance. Old furniture has its gloss and luxury, and history. Moreover, you are the lucky one, if you have it! Vintage furniture costs a lot, but there is another option of turning modern new furniture into the old one by using paint and sandpaper. Furniture, the design of which was invented and made by your own hands, brings a special warmth to the house. The type of furniture to use may be a volumetric chest of drawers, console mirrors, chests, wooden armchairs in velvet or atlas, rocking chairs, and more. For the vintage style, we recommend using coarse surfaces in the interior, intentionally aged, demonstrating their true nature. The wood should be applied in its natural form, roughly processed with traces of knots, and cracks.Green Wall, 3D Product Visualization Color spectrum

A couple of things about the color palette: bright or neon colors usually do not take place in Vintage. The faded palette of shades will be the most suitable. It is better to use shades of gray, beige, pastel, and olive. Or, you may choose ashen, pearl, lavender, and beige tones, the colors of young greenery, as well as their shades. This rule applies to prints on textiles or wallpapers. To enhance the vintage effect in the interior, drawings are used that have lost their clarity, merging with a general neutral design.

Walls and ceiling

Walls can be divided into two types: decorated with wallpaper or just painted one color. When it comes to wallpapers, there are several types to discuss. First, the type of wallpaper that is widely used for the vintage style – pastel colors with flower or bird print. The second type to use is wallpaper with a large and contrasting pattern. The last type is close to the classic, with delicate elegant drawing, not very contrasting, mainly in bright colors. Another type of decoration of the walls is painting, primarily in white or any other pastel shade. The use of wallpapers means it is going to be a strong accent, so furniture and accessories should not overburden the place. When the walls are just painted, other decorative items may be bright and eye-catching. The rule of a combination of bright and calm works for Vintage. Choose either walls or furniture as an accent. Vintage ceilings may be complemented with expensive chandeliers with crystal pendants, fabric lampshades, sconces, fringed floor, or table lamps. Sharp contrast light should be avoided. The vintage style in the interior goes well with soft, warm lighting that does not irritate the eyes.Office Kitchen, 3D RenderRange of Vintage items

Finally, it is time to talk about elements, which take a special place in the recreation of the style. The range is huge, but let’s highlight the most interesting ones that may be used: old books in old covers, black and white photos and mirrors in old frames, antique candleholders and clocks, carved caskets, and dried flowers. Choose what you feel is matching your vision. The whole complexity of this process is to not overload the design by having that huge amount of small elements.

When you face the problem of choosing a new style for the house, think of Vintage, or use some elements of this style to create a nice mix and refresh the rooms. But remember, the vintage style does not match with oriental style and minimalism. At the same moment, the modern style is often used together with vintage. Following the recommendations and general rules for the placement of furniture and interior items, the choice of suitable colors, and the vintage style create a feeling of lightness, elegance, and a joyful mood. Some interior designers claim the real vintage items must be more than 30 years old, otherwise, this element is not suitable. We would say – the design has no strict borders and should correspond to your inner needs and intuition. As it was mentioned above – modern furniture or mirrors may become “old” with the magic of your hands, the same as the other objects. So, this style can be easily built in your house without huge expenses and engages you to experiment with the creation of objects on your own. Hand-made items have their own story and energy. We hope this article was useful, and now you have some clarity about Vintage style.

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects, and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of the projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com

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