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The trends of the 3D industry in 2020

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

Every year we observe how new trends appear in every field of our life. Many of them are already forgotten and left in the past, but some are still alive and strong. There are also “travelers through time” trends, which appear from the past and one more time becomes leaders among others. As we are a 3D visualization company, we constantly monitor new trends in the world of graphics as well as change the preferences of our customers. The 3D industry is significantly progressing each year. And your business can benefit from this – it is necessary to detect the trend in time and use it correctly. Let’s discuss some graphic design trends for 2020.

Photorealism and high-quality

This type of project reflects the realistic 3D image of the internal space. You will be able to see what your room looks like, the same as it would be done in real life. Interior visualization is useful when you plan the renovation or significant changes in the interior design. Before the implementation, you will have a picture of how the furniture, textures, colors, lighting, and other interior items will play together and will be able to change it any time. Thanks to this, you will understand how you might feel in this type of interior, whether it is comfortable or cozy if you like the combinations. If you need: to see the interior before investing in it and to see the result before the starting point to save your money – this project type is for you. In the end, you will receive a ready interior solution. Everything which is left is to bring it to life!Shopping Mall, 3D Architectural Render Data visualization in the move

When it comes to the second trend, the data visualization in motion will become a powerful one. Motion is our life and accompanies us every day, moving slowly to the 3D and graphics industry. Today’s world is full of new data, which has to be presented in many ways. When the design becomes alive, any data presentation transforms into a more professional and attractive image. This trend may expand the horizons and will open new opportunities for the 3D industry in 2020. Visualizations become polyhedral and dynamic, revealing for us different colors, and angles and giving us a chance to see new options of geometry.

All attention to the textures

By this trend, we exactly mean strongly expressed ones. The texture is important. This is an image applied to the polygonal model by overlaying, in order to give the model texture, relief, and the desired color. An important stage in the process of creating and visualizing a 3D product model, which allows you to give the surface of a volumetric object certain parameters and properties to give it maximum realism and similarity with a real object. This season is expected to be popular for strong and bright textures.3D virtual tool

This section deserves special attention. This is something more than the usual perception of the 3D rendering industry because it represents the most advanced feature of it and has plenty of advantages. It is obvious, that this type of service significantly raises the interest of clients, who would like to observe properties or real estate, and internal spaces. Nowadays, we use our phones, laptops, and other gadgets to search for everything and the virtual tour allows us to watch what we want, we don’t have to be physically present to do that. The decision-making process is now more comprehensive. 3D virtual tours represent the information visually without any text, which people usually do not like to read. It allows examining all the details that are interesting to them, as well as spending as much time on it as necessary. Many companies have already appreciated the benefits of using the virtual tour as an advertising tool and are actively using it. Having your own virtual tour is not only an important component of the image, which allows you to position yourself as a modern company using high technology but also a profitable investment with an unlimited period of validity. A virtual tour works for the benefit of your company all year round, at any time of the day. In general, this trend is going to be at the top for clients and companies.Spacious boutique, 3D Interior3D Printing

Today’s technological progress opened us to one more feature-3D printing. Now we are able to create a specific structure of the object and visualize it physically. A volumetric layout can be created using innovative technology – three-dimensional printing, which allows reproducing an object of any complexity in the smallest details. An inkjet or laser printer can be used for this. Their main difference is that the laser can use both liquid and powdery material, while the inkjet one can use the only liquid. In the process of forming a model, the printer superimposes on each other the thinnest layers of heated material, which quickly hardens, acquiring the necessary shape. Using a 3D printer significantly reduces the time of producing models for the layout, and costs less than buying plastic or any other material. Some construction companies use 3D printing to build whole residential complexes. You may find them in Texas, Russia, and Shanghai. These houses are built faster, easier and cheaper, which makes them more affordable for everyone. This trend exalted a new branch of development in architecture.Shopping Mall, 3D Architectural Render3D modeling

Three-dimensional modeling today is used in plenty of areas today. For example, 3D modeling became an inextricable part of the construction industry. This can be used to recreate a model of the future house, both private and multi-apartment or office corporation building, or any external facility. In addition, visualization is actively used in interior design projects. 3D models are very popular during the sketching of the building. To create a special effect, some artists add not just graphic elements to the design, but three-dimensional models, sometimes even animated ones. Programs and technologies for 3D modeling are widely used in production. For example, in the production of furniture and construction, to create a photorealistic design project for a future product. Many designers have long moved to modern three-dimensional computer programs.

Trends formulate the standards, which then turn into preferences and demands. Trends are the drivers of the growth and development of any industry. The only way to understand any field is to check the trends and their direction. The ability to notice and supervise trends, to observe them, to preserve and summarize — gives us a unique understanding of why people decide to buy something or why they believe in something. We hope this article was interesting, and you will observe some trends with us!

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects, and you can see them in our Portfolio section. If any of the projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com

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