The accomplishments of Viscato in 2020

2020 is close to the end, so it is time to summarise the year and present you with the results. For many companies this year was challenging, and for us as well. Nevertheless, we handled all the processes as stable as possible and overcame the troubles, giving all our help and support to clients. At the beginning of the quarantine, we started to work online for the first time science we opened. But after some time when the situation in Poland became stable, we came back to normal office work. At least now we know more about online work experience and have a vision on how to cope with this. We hope the future year will be less challenging but full of work, where companies will unify the forces and efforts to overcome possible difficulties. Let’s now go closer to the results of the year.

Greenery paradise, Viscato 3D

Our novelties

At first, we would like to start with one of the greatest news we are proud of: we launched a new branch in our services- product packshots. We realized how important it is to help our clients attain bigger sailes and brand awareness, create a professional portfolio, and advertisements in this pandemic and support the businesses. This is how the idea appeared, and since that time we have already delivered product packshots in high resolution and different environments, which then became a part of the stunning sales portfolio and etc. This year we performed 81 product visualizations and packshots. One of the brilliant projects was the visualization of Hand-made Mirrors. Overall, hand-made products are full of uniqueness and originality- they can not be repeated, otherwise, they will be just copied. We also performed some 360° spinning product presentations, which shows the product animation with all the product angles visible. Also, this year we celebrated an anniversary- 5 years of Viscato!

Cozy fireplace, 3D Render

Projects of 2020

Regarding the interior, we had the highest number of projects- 164, and 121 projects for the exterior. Let’s memorize some of them. For example, the transformation of the church into an apartment, or purely creative office ordered by the French client. We are happy to deliver high-quality visualizations so our clients could present them on the websites. By the way, this year we had a great experience of working with different countries, some of them were new for us. The best way to present it is to use the map. In total this year we performed 336 projects for 121 clients. This year we had many projects from our constant clients, who came back for us to continue the trustful cooperation. Also, we were happy to meet quite a lot of new clients, who decided to join our 3D visualization company. Comparing to the last year, when we all had stability, this year was fluctuating for us as well. If in 2019 we had 472 projects finished, and this year, we came up with 336. Nevertheless, the number of clients became bigger by 37.

Results of 2020, Viscato 3D visualization service

The final conclusion

Finally, we hope the new 2021 year will be a starting point for going back to a normal and stable life. We aim to achieve more goals next year, by constant improvement of the service and flexibility, personal approach to clients, and raising our standards. We also plan to share with you more new trends in the 3D visualization world and design in our blog and social media. If you are still thinking about which company to choose, make a step ahead and fill the contact form, we guarantee high-end service and support. Start the new year with us! 

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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