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Home office as a challenge of the year 2020- 21 and why it is worth paying attention to it

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

Well, 2020 brought us plenty of changes, positives and negatives, new trends, and circumstances, which require thinking out of the box. Many of us started to work from home and faced troubles with focus, self-concentration, and motivation. Our house became a multifunctional space for everything: working, studying, relaxing. Today we would like to make an accent on the interior part, to give you some recommendations on self-help through the simple interior tricks, which you may use starting from now on. Trick number one may sound very simple, but this small step will give you a good start. No matter what is the size of your apartment – try to divide it and choose the best zone where you would like to spend time for work. It is important to separate it first in your imagination and then via interior items, about which we will talk a bit later. Just browse your space right now – where is the most comfortable place for you to work? Let yourself set this zone only for work purposes, and below we will disclose a bit more instructions. Many people choose the place somewhere near the sofa, or next to the window, which opens a beautiful view, someone definitely needs a table and so on.

When this step is done, it’s time to decide on what makes you feel focused and helps to dive into work, like during meditation. By the way – we could give you a hint for this: greenery, empty, or full of your favorites space to feel comfort, a warm blanket with a cup of tee and etc. Such thinking will let you make a list of your personal items, which helps you to catch focus. These items will help you to create your inspiring cozy corner where work will become a pleasure.Furniture 3D Render, Viscato Now we would like to list some additional tips that will help you to concentrate your mind. There are two hypotheses about this point: the best inspiring home office shouldn’t look like a usual office and the second, opposite, is that it should have a formal style without destructive items. Which one to choose is your decision, but we will talk about both of them.

When your home office is not in a corporate or formal interior style you have more space for inspiration. This depends on personal preferences, but in general, this option is the best for the creative field of work. Bright colors, beautiful lights, lamps, flowers, beautiful stickers, and candles – bring more eye-catching and cozy items to your space.

We have one additional piece of advice to follow: make before and after to compare. Logically this advice could be at the beginning of the article, but let it be here, so if you have read the article until this moment, you know this special and simple step! Why can it be important? This will be helpful to see the progress and save it for future inspiration. Make a photoshoot of before and then after to have it in your archive.Furniture 3D Render, Viscato One of the main purposes of the interior for the home office is to inspire and help with productivity. You could see the first part of the article is dedicated more to decorations, but let us leave here some recommendations about what is better to avoid for the home office.

Before, we mentioned many items to use, but it is worth reminding you about the overload of space. Remember about balance and leave more empty space to stay focused. It is very easy to lose control and dive into millions of different things.

As we mentioned the colors before, we recommend mixing them. Do not use only bright or only pastel shadows, find the best combination. Just bright colors may frustrate and lead to anxiety when the only pastel color spectrum will make you too sleepy.Bathroom Corner, 3D Interior Render We hope this article will be informative and inspiring, and you will use our ideas to build a unique home office. We know the time of the lockdown is tense, but it gives us a chance to rebuild our daily routine. The perception of interior design also changed and required novel solutions, for example, a design for a home office. Share with us in the comment section if this article was helpful for you. Remember, the proper interior for the home office will make you feel the difference between being productive at home or napping instead. Make your house the best office with us!

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com




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