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Future big changes in interior design in 2021

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

The new year brought novel trends to our world. As usual, we follow all the most prominent changes to share with you in our new articles. The topic of design is one of our pillar topics, nevertheless, we have to confess it seems a bit vague most of the time. The trends get outdated and then strike again with new power. We hope this information will be insightful, and you’ll get a fair deal out of it.

Going fresh, organic, and snug – Balinese style

The first focal point is very connected to the interiors and exteriors of Bali, or Balinese style. Juicy villas, where the outside is connected with the inside as a whole organism. This interior is about organic materials, nature, and freedom. It seems this style is impossible to recreate in urban flats, but this is feasible if you know some special features of it.

-Beautiful gardens or even small tropics, which connect the inner part of the house with the outside. Greenery is everywhere!- bathroom, living room, balcony.
-Glass showers and big shower heads with gray stone.
-Emerald, green, brown, and white: monochromatic walls are combined with beautiful and bright patterns on carpets and pillows, mosaic.
-Lots of wood and wooden furniture, rattan, and bamboo: the visibility of texture is important.
-Beige linen curtains to the floor and different fringes on the interior fabrics awake warmth. Free space in combination with all the points above lets the house breathe, making your spirit free. The exterior is differentiated among others by the green sanctuary. It looks like a real piece of nature outside, which is usually connected to a swimming pool or a place for sport and yoga. The secret of a smooth connection between the inner and outside parts is hidden here – in this green garden and the absence of the usual walls we used to have. This interior style is brilliant- it combines many popular styles together with so powerful eco-natural trend. It is about Earth, nature, and the piece of your mind. This is the absolute opposite of the New York interior style or Scandinavian interiors.Japan+Scandinavian= Japandi interior

Sounds interesting and without being popular previously, it gains power quickly. This is one of the most unexpected combinations, but very elegant and minimalistic. It also has some particular elements to notice:

-What is one of the most famous Japanese interior items? A divider wall- “shōji”, is made from translucent (or matt) paper sheets on a wooden frame. This is the traditional element of architecture. It can also be the door or window made in this style.
-Japanese wall art is unique: pink gardens of Sakura, storks, mountains, and bamboo. Moreover, instead of modern pictures, you will see Japanese fans and umbrellas, and scroll paintings made on bamboo twigs.
Floor lamps and chandeliers are peculiar and frequently look like Japanese walls (those made from paper and wooden frames) with some hieroglyphs.

Imagine now the standard Scandinavian interior with all the items above together. This looks very specific but so offbeat. Despite the distinctions, Japanese and Scandinavian have one thing in common, which is minimalism. So, the Japanese are the glaring spot, when Scandinavian is calm. The Scandinavian style is rarely associated with something super bright and flashy, instead, it is commonly distinguished by basic colors (narrow color palette), simplicity, modern and sometimes futuristic furniture, rugs, and dried flowers. Both these styles will complement each other.Multifunctional and smart design

All the time, people strive to simplify the processes and save more time for daily routines, and the best helpers are multifunctional items and smart design solutions. This is an urgent question for the small spaces and apartments. One room may serve as a kitchen, bedroom, play spot for kids, gym, home office, etc.

-The best way to use the space for various functions and not overload the area and mind is to use furniture transformers. For instance, the bed, which turns into the sofa, or a table for the home office.
-Hidden shelves to hide the home stuff
-Kitchen tables to hide
-Smart lighting is when you regulate the light by moving or voice.

Multifunctional design is valid for any type of interior design, giving more space and more flexibility to changes and imagination.Dark and Matt

The next exciting trend is about lovely dark colors with a matt finish. Mainly black, dark brown, gray, and dark blue. Usually, we may notice the dark colors are trendy from season to season, but this year the matt finish is in the top place. These matt colors are offered to be used for walls, stairs, window frames (especially together with bright walls), and furniture. There are no doubts, dusky matt colors look gorgeous and expensive. For those who are tired of standard white and beige classics and look for accents, this is one of the options to change the environment. This trend may be useful for those, who plan home office design or a special place that has to be divided from the whole interior. By the way, the dark theme is very demanding among the customers we work with.

Internet space is full of different trends and it is so easy to get lost. We hope you will choose our blog as one of your main sources to know more about design trends. Despite all the new trends we have every year, it is not necessary to follow all of them. Remember that you may create your own- personalization is also one of the design features. Your needs and wants are always in the first place, so having a source of inspiration may help you to create your unique design. Share with us in the comments which style you would use and why. We would love to discuss this topic with you!

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects, and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of the projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com

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