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New York interior style

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of

There’s nothing you can’t do

Now you’re in New York

These streets will make you feel brand new

Big lights will inspire you

Hear it for New York, New York, New York

Admit, who else sang the words of this well-known song just now? Alright, today we would like to speak about the New York interior style. By the way, the words of the popular song above characterize this style a lot, because its features come straight from the atmosphere and pace of the city. Learn New York to know its style. Think for a second about feelings, moods, and associations that come to your mind when you hear “New York”. Huge skyscrapers with panoramic windows, a lot of nationalities, furious rhythm, freedom, Manhattan -and of course, rich apartments on the highest floors. You surely listed one of these things in your head. New York-style is definitely built from these inspirations and associations, which come from the energy of the city. How to recognize New York interior style? This style is quite changeable as it absorbs new trends of fashion and style of every year, but there are some distinctive features that remain stable. How to recognize them?

Big spaces are just the beginning

The first point to emphasize is a big space. Inspired by the freedom of the city, this factor is significant to beginning the embodiment of the interior. Despite the fact that this is a rather complicated layout, many designers advise breaking the walls to connect all the rooms into one large area. Curtains are not so popular, because the main focus of light is in large panoramic windows. Space is divided into distinctive zones, in which there are a kitchen and a hall, and sometimes even a bedroom. No walls and boundaries, just interconnected composition. For one reason, this is good to get rid of walls – planning zones all together in one space allows us to see clear combinations of elements. The style is common, and we don’t need to plan every room separately. One of our fresh interior projects is a great example of that big space trend.Wall’s decoration

The other lineament is the brickwork design for walls. Generally, if you think to change your interior to this one, it would be good to change the walls’ decoration to brick or make just one brick wall as an accent. But actually, we have another tip on how to make the interior more “New Yorkish”: photo wallpaper! Choose one major wall and place such wallpaper with the best hot spots of New York. Don’t want to pick out one wall as an accent? Stick pictures to the wall. Black and white styled photos in a black frame will maintain the right atmosphere.

Furniture features

When it comes to the furniture, there are several options, but the color first. You may either use unpredictably bright colors without any combination with the rest of the interior items, or stick to smokey gray and white. These colors (gray and white) come from the usage of steel and metallic constructions in the design. Do not be afraid to combine seemingly incompatible things, because this is the New York style! Moving forward to the furniture types: where your imagination can take off. On the internet, you may find plenty of recommendations that furniture is usually not traditional. For instance, lip-shaped armchairs. Just a small remark we would like to give to you- do not overuse it. Pay your attention to rather functional, light, and traditional forms of furniture. Keep it in a modern style. Small trinkets

Yes, the interior cannot exist without cute little things, or maybe not little. Carpets: from monochromatic to bright, colorful oriental rugs. Flowers and stylish vases. Pictures on the walls, a bunch of lamps, and varied lighting. Cozy puffs and decorative pillows should also be on this list. Hand-made items are the creators of interior exclusivity.

Something more about New York interior

We already know the apartment reminds us of a studio where all zones are altogether without walls division. They support the same interior style. But now let’s talk about the bathroom and bedroom. Firstly, these are two walled places in the apartment. And secondly – its design is completely different. As for the bathroom, it reminds of a luxury bathroom in a restaurant or prestige hotel. The interior can be very warm, comfortable, and ultramodern. Glass shower, large round mirror, concrete floor, and walls. But it is interesting to notice, that the furniture and bathroom fixtures for the bathroom don’t have to be modern. Retro bath, old wood – the correlation of antiquity and modernity in design is always welcome. Pure white walls and ceilings may nicely pick out rough brick. Sometimes the ceiling may be done from wood pieces! Lighting is a specialty. Windows in the bathroom are also the handwriting of the New York interior style. The bedroom is characterized by muffledness. Restrained tones, geometric shapes, the bed is usually with a high headboard. The bed is the center of the galaxy. The rest of the design is built around it. The accent wall is a widely used solution. It is made from metal, concrete, wood or brick behind the headboard, highlighting the delicate and sophisticated bed linen. The small bright carpet beside the bed is a really stylish accent, especially in mustard, blue, turquoise, red pomegranate, and yellow colors. Interesting and exceptional lightening solutions for bedrooms are all about New York style. Huge floodlights, compositions of tiny lamps, and pendant lamps turn the design into a studio imitation. Sometimes we may use white translucent curtains to give lightness to the interior.

Why choose the New York interior?

This interior is really popular, as a boom in the design world! There are some reasons for that. First – big space. For people who try to increase space, this design is a great solution. Reflection on freedom is one of the additional points. If you are a lover of New York, this interior is definitely yours. This atmosphere allows relaxation, but still, holds you in rhythm. Consistency with new trends, and a combination of many colors and textures, give free rein to your imagination and experiments. You may decide what colors to combine, there are no rules. There are no instructions on how to combine, and what to combine, you can do whatever you want. Your decisions are flexible. By the way, this style is quite minimalistic and simple, nevertheless, bright accents make it look luxurious. If you don’t know what elements you would like to see in your design, create a mood board with your favorite places in New York, that inspire you. You may use even street signs, and pictures, to apply the colors of the city. This style extols a touch of chic and gloss to your apartment with the implementation of very simple decisions. We advise you at least to try this style to feel all the advantages. We hope this heading was fascinating for you and share with us if you are going to try New York interior, or if you already have it and are satisfied.

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com

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