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Landscape design as a part of the architecture

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

We used to talk a lot about the everyday surrounding as a part of the interior and how much power it has over our mood and feeling of self. When the interior envelopes from the inside, the landscape acts the same way outside. Landscape importance is the king topic of today, and before we will go further, let’s first get into the landscape design concept.

The concept of the landscape design and a piece of history

Landscape design is the art of putting together the environment around the house into a composition. The idea appeared in the 20th century inside the gardens and dooryards of rich and famous people. Landscape design is about our innate connection to nature and harmony with an external environment. Starting from aesthetic gardening, it constantly started to fill with new elements. Today it consists of lawn, greenery, and flowerbeds, different lighting, and multiple decorative elements like swimming pools, arbors, etc. Just as it is impossible to build a house without architectural drawings and engineering plans, it will not be possible to create a landscape for a private plot without the same care in landscape design.Hotel Room Interior, Viscato 3D RenderLandscape in 3D

As our main activity is 3D visualizations, we decided to reveal this topic as the experts. 3D Landscape design allows you to look into the future and fix all the points in time until they are included in the final plan. As in the case of traditional schematic design, work on 3D landscape design begins with the study of all the features of the land and territory. But there are some details you have to take into account. Especially for this subtopic, we asked one of our 3D artists whose field of activity is based on 3D landscapes to give you some important hints. When preparing the landscape in 3D, it is vital to keep in mind the differences between normal interior or exterior 3D visualization and 3D landscape, as it includes more activities and exclusions.Apartment in Wroclaw, 3D VisualizationThe first piece of advice is to produce the initial concept in 3D, but prepare the visualization based on the detailed project. Secondly, remember, that landscape design in 3D is so much more difficult than, for example, interiors, as the number of high-quality assets available is much smaller in the library, than, for instance, branded furniture. Artists do not always have access to specifically designed species of greens, and creating a bush by hand is much longer than modeling a chair. And finally, in designing greenery the living tissue is used, which, depending on the predisposition and behavioral conditions, is different, which is more difficult to reproduce in 3D. Designing greenery in 3D is a good solution to sell the idea to the client, it will be easier for him to imagine the result. However, the 3D model of the landscape is an addition to the detailed design that must be implemented in technical drawings anyway.Rounded Window, 3D VisualizationWhat are the principles of successful landscape design?

Integrity and coherence are principles number one which has to be held for both 2D drawings and 3D modeling. This means the appearance of several identical elements in different parts of the land. These elements can be natural like plants or any other decorations. To see the picture as a whole, a plan is drawn up in which the theme of the composition is determined.

Simplicity and minimalism. A pile of elements or the creation of complex structures takes a person away from nature. It is the natural tone of the suburban area that is attractive. The variegation of color also tires the eye, it is better to dwell on two or three colors and play on their shades.

The principle of balance is symmetrical and asymmetrical. With symmetrical balance, the same elements are mirrored in relation to visual accuracy. The asymmetrical balance allows for a variety of shapes and colors, but with harmony in their application.Bathroom with wood elements, Viscato 3D What are the styles of landscape design?

Depending on the style of the building, there are several design directions that might be used. The first way of design is directed to contemporary styles like “Modern” and “High-tech”. These are the designs of the future: a garden in this style should be adapted for a comfortable life: with a tennis court, a swimming pool. Such a garden resembles another open-air room, symmetrical and unadorned. Plants are selected in unusual shapes, and bright colors, they become the focus of the site.

Oriental style is also a popular choice. The abundance of the sun and a variety of bright colors are important, the main of which are terracotta, red, and yellow. The main feature of the oriental style are considered to be the patio, which is closed on all sides. The use of dark wood, a large amount of stone, and plants are appropriate.

And the third style is “Rustic”. The rustic style contributes to relaxation after a long day of work. Usually presented in lush flower beds, which are mainly wildflowers. The water reservoir is usually in the form of a pond, as close as possible to nature. Handicrafts look great on the territory, which not only decorates the garden but also emphasizes the individuality of the owner. The whole site represents the ideas of handmade decorations.Big Bedroom, Viscato 3DHow does Viscato create 3D landscape design?

The program for creating 3D landscape modeling and visualization, which is used by architects in our company, is professional software that is not available for wide access. High-quality and modern technical support significantly expands our capabilities:

-Allows us to receive different results with modulation of different seasons, as well as dark and light times of the day.

-Manage the relief, visualizing its features as naturally as possible.

-Use hundreds of additional parameters and objects, complementing the 3D landscape design with people, animals, and cars.

We hope this article was useful for you and the topic of landscape design is no longer an unknown question mark. In case if you have a ready design and need to see the real picture before making an investment- Viscato specialists will bring your concepts to life instantly!

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com

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