How do 3D product animations help to sell more?

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

Product animation is one of the most popular and demanding keys to successful product presentation, but how does it do the miracle with your sales, improve the customer journey on your website, and develop your concept and power on the overall market? This is not the secret, the customer needs high quality. The best way to persuade somebody of the great quality of the product is to start with the presentation. Here is the stage when 3D product animation is going to be extremely useful.

How to use 3D product animation for your brand?

The main idea is, of course, marketing. 3D product animation at first may distinguish you from the competitors. Then, catch the attention and win the clients. This is the best addition to your website, advertisements, and product portfolio. Imagine, to what extent the quality of content may increase on your website and even on social media. What is more, it shows your high level of knowledge, great skills, and professionalism in the topic.Green Wall, 3D Product RenderWhy use this tool?

The best advantage of 3D animation is the fact, that you don’t have to send the product somewhere else, and pay for transportation, taxes, and storage. It does not require keeping the product physically in hands to animate it. You may save lots of money in the long run. Usually, even the product which is only at the pre-production phase may be shown in 3D animation, which helps to see the outcome in the future before making the main investments for production. Furthermore, you don’t need to look for a videographer and pay for video creation and montage, which costs a lot. This automatically means you have to adjust the conditions like the daytime, light, season, and sometimes we have quite limited possibilities to arrange all the thighs for the real product video. We do not have control over the weather or sometimes daytime, so the time is bounded. With 3D animation, the product can be shown in a different atmosphere, light, weather, daytime, season, etc.Home Office, 3D Visualization Another benefit of animation is the growth of website traffic, as people will come more willingly to your page. Interesting 3D animation with a well-planned scenario will encourage potential clients to watch more. This is perfect storytelling with an interesting visual experience at once. Instead of publishing long texts of the product description, show it in video format. Moreover, today’s potential client is not really inspired to read long texts, so the product presentation is aimed to deliver the information fast, and instead of text, the product features are shown in action.

What is the most popular 3D product animation?

360 degrees product presentation, which ideally showcases the product from each angle, colors, texture, all the buttons, and other important characteristics. Here is one of our examples of what it may look like. This option is possible for any product, for example, shower cabin, bed, or chair. There are endless possibilities for such a presentation: we may adjust the speed, colors, lighting, zoom in and out, and even add some text depending on preferences.Carpet 3D Render, By ViscatoThe second is full animation, which is aimed to indicate the details, angles, and textures in the move. This gives an accurate perception of the product before purchase and even helps us to touch it slightly through the eyes. This type of visual presentation shows the high-quality content of each feature, and capacity, and allows relaxing the mind and eyes with an accessible and simple form of information.

What are the stages of 3D product animation, and how to achieve the best result? The Viscato team delivered a lot of 3D product animations, that is why we would like to disclose how this process happens inside our firm.

Stage one – contact with the customer

This stage of the first contact is the most substantial as it helps us to get familiar with the project. Here we try to get as many details as possible. At first – materials, drawings, dimensions and sizes, description of the final effect, colors, mood boards, environment, and the thing we would like to stick to is the scenario. The scenario includes the whole line, the number of minutes, where the product should be zoomed in and out or rotated. Second by the second plan with action description is the skeleton of the project.Reception Desk, Office 3D RenderStage two- production

This is the stage of making a preliminary model, setting up the camera, moving the animation, lighting, and then it goes back to the client for approval. Next, we receive some changes. Here we also fix all the errors and deliver the final version. After this – the animation is ready. Overall, the subject of 3D animation is complicated and should be considered and explored individually for each project. The most notable thing is good contact with the client and that both parties understand what they are talking about. Each product is different, sometimes it is a piece of furniture, other times it is wall paint in different variants. These are often completely different topics, and each should be considered separately.

We remind you that in case of questions about any 3D topic, you may always contact us through the chat or leave the comments below. We hope this topic was truly beneficial for you and step by step your knowledge will be put in order. Now you know what is 3D animation and why it is worth having it for your product, along with the whole process of preparation in our company. Want to create a striking product animation? Contact us any time!

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects, and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of the projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com


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