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The interaction of the healthy everyday climate and interior design

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

What was happening a decade ago in the interior design industry? Many interesting things, but we would like to emphasize one tendency, that many people perceived as a primary, and even me- the author of this article: we undervalued the worth of the interior, and did not spend much money on it. The interior expenses were somewhere on the bottom or did not exist in the list of our expenses at all. Was it good or bad? Well, hard to identify, as this was the level of the norm for many of us and still is. We can surely say just one thing – this trend is moving to the point, where people start to carry it more.Fancy Bar, 3D VisualisationThe frequency of magazines’ headings like“ How to improve the interior to raise the level of self-comfort/ confidence/ style /routine/ house beauty, etc.” brought us to the point, where we realized: interior style has a great influence, which we did not recognize before. It regards not only your house but offices, restaurants, and the entertainment industry. This trend is proved by many giant shops, like Zara, and H&M, where the home goods section became an inextricable part of the industry next to the clothing. Additionally, many local home stores had been opened so far. So, does interior design have a real impact on our lives, or it is just a marketing trick, imposed by the shops? This question might be challenging, as everyone has a unique opinion on how it works for them or, even a philosophical one, discussed for long hours. We just want to present our point of view, and maybe you will share with us in the comments if you agree or not.Neon Light, 3D Visualization At first, we believe it has a great impact on our everyday life, including even the psychological side of the question. Imagine, you step into the house/cafe/ barbershop. What generates the first impression? Interior design, of course.

Speaking about the house, where we usually relax or invite other people – the correct interior design helps to use the small space effectively, simplifying our everyday routine with a variety of ingenious interior items. The combination of interior colors allows us to keep calm, sleep well, and increase the mood and level of overall comfort. Obviously, when we like the interior, we come home and stay there more willingly. Our mood becomes better and stress evaporates through the beauty of the interior. Thus, we can not deny the influence of interior design on our conditions.Coffee Table, 3D Render The atmosphere of the offices, restaurants and other entertainment spots is the key to the customers’ attraction. It represents the “face” of the place. The interior of the office may be divided into formal and informal ones. The formal makes the atmosphere strict or more in black and dark office colors. Informal, by the way, is full of bright colors, free space, inspirational items, etc. The Interior influences our self-esteem, as well as productivity.

Another side of the question – how did we come to this point? Is this trend a result of a good advertisement? The second side of the coin is marketing campaigns, which impose us on the importance of buying and having many interior things in our life, promoting comfortable living. Coming into the interior part of the shop in IKEA, where you get into magically designed rooms, you catch yourself on the strong intention to buy literally everything or at least stay there for longer. Does marketing work? Definitely yes. Strong campaigns change our perception. Undoubtedly, this marketing activity also moved this trend forward and made us ponder the importance of interior design. We started to do more and our tastes changed. And a simple example from my life, I didn’t think I would buy an aroma candle for my house 5 years ago, but now it is a part of my interior. Another point of view here may be the fact that thanks to the beautiful advertisements, we started to notice some interior items.Bathroom in the hotel, 3D Visualization In total, it is hard to say what exactly could reinforce this trend so much, but definitely, both points discussed above have a strong effect. Let’s now identify by what factors interior influences our everyday climate.

-Colors are one of the most powerful aspects of the design, which help our mental health, heal, calm, and smooth the space. It is proven by scientists – colors may be used as a therapy for many purposes. Bright noble shadows create beautiful accents, whereas a pastel palette adds some refinement.

-Correct positioning: refers to everything – from furniture to the smallest decorations. When the positioning of the furniture is rational, compact, and multifunctional, it makes space free. We simplify our routine.

-Small interior items are the ingredients of the overall interior harmony and satisfaction. Candles, small lights, flowers, potted plants, photo frames, floor lamps, carpets, etc.- everything makes our day happier.

-Home fragrances: an absolute novelty of the past decade among interior beauty items, fragrances, even if we do not see smells, we feel, so it is also a part of our interior. Nowadays, diversification is huge, everyone may find the best.Spacious Apartment, 3D Interior Let us, in the end, provide you with some of our estimations. Starting once, this trend boosted rapidly, and it is not going to stop. The attention to the beauty of the interior was also promoted by the well-being of living, comfort, and feelings of coziness which are generated by all interior items, promoted via ads. Corporate activities and advertisements work together with the interior design industry, moving the trend even further. Nevertheless, our routine and productivity, the mood is highly dependent on things and the atmosphere that surrounds us, even if we do not fully recognize it. Share with us in the comments what is your attitude to interior design, did it change a lot, and how many new items you acquire for your spaces.

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