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10 things NOT TO DO when starting interior design

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

Interior design is everywhere, even in the room when you are sitting and reading this article right now, look around. It can be the old one, or a modern one, doesn’t matter, but all the elements of design: every flower, furniture, and photo frames complete our surroundings.

Have you ever come inside the room and started to examine what would you like to change and why? Probably, your vision of change is the first step to identifying the most common mistakes in interior design. Let’s discuss it in more detail.

1. Buying rashly

This is the first mistake we are doing all the time, especially if we do not have a professional designer. Very often when we come inside the “Home” shop or IKEA and have a look at what is sold there – everything looks perfectly! These are so stylish, expensive looking, combined with other products in such an amazing way, that we already imagine them in our kitchen, or living room and quickly buy it. But what is next? We come back and realize that some of these things are unnecessary. So we highly recommend you to have a more or less clear vision and a picture of what you want. Some people even do an approximate collage of elements and only then go shopping.2. Overloading the room

Very often our focus is brought down, and we start buying hundreds of home accessories. Generally, it starts with one little ceramic vase, and now you have plenty of vases in various shapes, sizes, and colors that you have stockpiled for the next 10 years. Having a lot of photos, souvenirs or vases doesn’t mean they have to be placed on every piece of furniture or sill. We recommend you have a fresh look and keep tracking what kind of old and new accessories you have from time to time.

3. Off-balanced Lightning

Lighting keeps not the last position in your interior design. There are plenty of types of lighting with different purposes, depending on the intended goal of the room. Besides ceiling light, mid-level lighting is vital for routine simple tasks or for relaxation after a long hard day. Sometimes, without knowing the exact purpose of lighting, we put it too high or make it too weak. Do not forget about it. Think about the color of light, the ­quantity, and placement.4. Painting the walls as the first step

The most frequent mistake that everyone makes is to paint first. Choose the fabrics and then main textiles, such as carpets and blinds. It is much easier to find out which fabrics you prefer and then match all the possible wall colors. You can’t wash the paint out from the walls, but with textures ready, you have a bigger range of colors to try.

5. Using Just One Theme

Sticking to a single style is something people do very often, but it makes your interior boring and faded. Try to create a bright accent that will emphasize your personality and dilute the whole interior. What bright color do you like the most? Don’t be afraid to combine different styles, use extraordinary colors and elements from different ages and designs – you will create your personal style!6. Absence of Focus Point

Every good design starts from the focus point, which determines the future design direction. Imagine you are standing in an empty room – try to identify which part of the room is major and start from there. In the living room, it could be the TV zone, in the kitchen – the cooking zone, in the bedroom – your bed and the main wall behind it. Having a focal point will make the design process easier.

7. Becoming a Victim of New Trends

From some point of view, this problem comes from the first one. Interior trends are very useful and inspire us, but they do not stay at the same point for infinity-it is changing so fast! Sticking to one trend will lead you to the phase, where all your room or house will be old-fashioned. We would propose you the timeless decor items as they always decorate your room in an unusual way.8. Wrong placement of pictures

Art pictures are widely used as design items. We identified just one small mistake related to it- people sometimes place it in the wrong way. Placing the art too high or low will create strong disproportionality. And just one piece of advice from us to avoid this – keep it only eight to ten inches above the furniture.

9. No balance between Masculine or Feminine style

It is commonly believed that people avoid some colors and items, not to make the design too masculine or feminine. A more masculine interior does not mean the usage of only dark shades and lights and vice versa for a feminine interior. We would recommend you find the right balance between different options of coloring and lighting, and combine bright and dark together10. Unwillingness to ask for help

If you feel you are not sure if you are ready to deal with all the problems and spend too much money on some future unnecessary items – there is a great option to hire a designer, or even think about 3D visualization. There are many more mistakes people make in interior design, but we gathered the most popular of them. Hope this article was beneficial and useful for you. We invite you to have a look at our portfolio to inspire, or maybe you will come up with an idea for creating the 3D visualization- we are always happy to help you!

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects, and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of the projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com

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