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Understanding the types of architectural 3D visualization projects

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

The concept of 3D architecture is a quite young, but fast-developing and demanding area of today. You already may see different articles on our blog dedicated to the topic of 3D architecture and visualizations, for instance, this: 3D Visualization as a digital marketing tool, but let’s sum it up for people who came here for the first time: 3D visualization is a photorealistic virtual picture of the interior, exterior and product before the process of implementation of it in the real life is started. The number of 3D companies is growing, as well as the variety of services they provide. Actually, we would like to ensure you: that there is nothing complicated in understanding the types of 3D visualization projects that you may meet in the contemporary market, especially it will be really easy to do after we will figure it out together in this article. Here, we will speak about the types of 3D projects and what needs they are supposed to meet. Basically, the types of projects that you may notice in the majority of cases, and which are the most popular:

-3D interior,
-Product visualizations,
-3D animation,
-360’ degrees virtual tour. These are the services you may mostly find in each company (sometimes this list is shorter).3D Interior visualization

This type of project reflects the realistic 3D image of the internal space. You will be able to see what your room looks like, the same as it would be done in real life. Interior visualization is useful when you plan the renovation or significant changes in the interior design. Before the implementation, you will have a picture of how the furniture, textures, colors, lighting, and other interior items will play together and will be able to change it any time. Thanks to this, you will understand how you might feel in this type of interior, whether it is comfortable or cozy if you like the combinations. If you need: to see the interior before investing in it and to see the result before the starting point to save your money – this project type is for you. In the end, you will receive a ready interior solution. Everything which is left is to bring it to life!3D Exterior project

This type of project will show you what the exterior and architectural solutions are going to look like. 3D exterior visualization is an inextricable part of any architectural project and is very helpful while planning and building. Also, it may be necessary if you perform the layout of the building or would like to see how the facade is made with particular material (for instance, brick or wood). The external part of the building has the same degree of importance as the internal one. This type of project is widely used by anyone, who starts to plan the building using sketches or during a phase of choosing the material for the external part. If you need: to see if the future building matches the already existing space (residential or other building complexes), decide about the elements of the facade (doors, windows, etc.), to work out architectural forms – choose this project type. In the end, you will receive a 3D rendering of any part of the exterior.3D Product visualization

Thanks to this project type, you may see any product in detail. It may be furniture, ceiling, any interior item – everything! The same as previous projects, this one will show the future concept but for the product. This project is popular for manufacturing firms, and online stores, which is a great tool for selling and product presentation. This visualization type shows the product from all angles in high quality, giving perfect visual information. If you create a product and want to present it perfectly, to make it original – this type of project is for you.

3D Animation

A 3D animation project is different. This is a visualization in the move, or, in other words, “revived” visualization. This project gives a unique opportunity to see the product wider, in detail, thanks to the moves. You may order the 3D animation of everything you need: interior, exterior, product, or any other items. If you need: to see the object from different angles using rotation, to see a bird’s eye view in the motion, to see the needed object in a more realistic way than in a usual picture – this type of project is for you. By the way, this is a great tool for advertisement. It is always better to show a product that is easily readable and understandable. Our eyes usually perceive the object in a move better. If general 3D visualization is a picture that represents one side of the object, 3D animation will show you each side of it.360’ Degrees virtual tour

This project mostly represents the interior or exterior. Imagine, you put on virtual reality glasses: a virtual tour gives you a possibility to feel inside ready interior or exterior the same as you may walk through it, it creates a clear feeling of being inside a panorama. A virtual tour consists of two or more 3D panoramas united by transition points. Creating a tour begins with the initial 3D visualizations. After that, the pictures are processed and three-dimensional panoramas are created. The final stage is the assembly of 3D panoramas on a full tour. This is an advanced level of 3D visualization: it combines 3D interior or exterior visualization plus elements of animation in an even more expanded view. 360’ degrees virtual tour is the embodiment of all 3D project types. Very often virtual tour is combined with the map, control panel, or sounds.All in all, the world of 3D architecture is growing every year, becoming more advanced and realistic. The type of project you will choose depends on the final result you would like to have. Flat 3D renderings are habitual for us, but 360’ degrees virtual tours are more beneficial in case of interior or exterior projects instead of still renderings. 3D animations may show product visualization in a more expanded form. Nowadays, many companies offer such services, but for mistake avoidance, always have a look at the portfolio. Do not spare the time for analyzing and thinking about the final result you expect to obtain with your personal needs, and the likelihood of the proper choice will be really high.

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com


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