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The finish of the project: steps, which will boost the project realization.

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

Our goal is not only to sell our service to the clients but to give a broad understanding of the 3D visualization processes from the client’s perspective and explain how you may improve the cooperation and receive stunning results. We are happy to share the long-term experience and present the critical topics to discuss. Today we continue to talk about how to make successful 3D visualization projects, and in this article, we would like to touch on very important steps, which magically boost the workflow and improve the cooperation between the company and client.

As we already have mentioned before – the formula of great collaboration is the sum of the client’s efforts and the company’s performance. Today we will broaden the topic of materials. Having a long experience with our clients, we may confirm the significance of the material preparation. Sometimes the wrong or messy materials may cause even problems with communication. Considering all our observations, we prepared the small helpful guidance. Now we will tell you more about how to organize initials for your project before sending it to the 3D artists. Packing the materials

Let’s start with the packing first. Why and how? For what it is needed? Maybe experienced professionals may deal with it on their own? Sometimes we can see the high experience of the team and hope they do not need any additional explanations because everything is visible. In real life, it is not true. We may ensure you – the way of presenting the materials and the descriptions influences the work a lot. Presentation is the best way for the package. There are many ways of how to prepare it: PDF file, Canva presentation, Word, PowerPoint, etc. It is important to pack the materials in one place altogether and have an order. The presentation may be fulfilled in any type or style, this is all up to your imagination, but it definitely should be coherent. The process of packing will be the same for all types of projects.PDF file – is it worthwhile to spend some time gathering all materials in one place?

One of the ways of packing the materials is the PDF file, where it is easy to rearrange and put all the materials together. The right way of packing gives some significant advantages:

-materials are well-organized, so nothing will be lost
-easiness of checking everything

It is visually pleasing for the eyes when everything is in the right place. The process of packing requires some time and effort, but the result is worth it. It helps both the client and the team of architects. Spending time for packing may give even more new insights to the client as well as help to get familiar with the project details one more time. For the team, it helps to understand the important points of the project and does not disturb the client many times to figure out more information. The work starts faster and ends with a great result.Project description- how to describe the ideas/ requirements for the project to receive the expected effect.

So, how the whole packing process should look? How to pack the materials correctly? The best way to start is to think about the description of the project and the idea. Ask yourself the next questions:

-What the project is about (interior/exterior/etc.)? What is the main idea?
-What are your expectations from the projects?
-What are the main points to pay attention to for the architects?

Then, try to formulate the request:

-What are the types of renderings to order? (interior/ exterior /product /etc.)
-How many renderings are needed?
-What are the angles/ times of the day/ season?
-Describe the final result you expect to see, put everything in one file, and additionally all the materials you have. While packing the materials for the team of architects, try to imagine yourself as a 3D artist and decide what would you need in this case. This will help you a lot to understand how to act. While giving the descriptions, it is better to make them broader and more detailed. Remember, if you are in lack of the materials, or you don’t know what angles to choose, our team is glad to take it into our professional hands.

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects, and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of the projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com

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