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How to prepare needed materials for the visualization to finish the project in 5 days. Part three.

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

Welcome to everyone, and we continue to talk about successful 3D visualization projects and how to finish it in 5 days. Previously, we discussed the needed materials like mood boards and drawings, and camera angles, and today, we will explore the various stages of the project. When you provided the 3D artists with initial materials and camera angles of the visualizations- the work finally begins. There are several stages of the project visualization, depending on the company workflow and the size of the project. Here we will consider the most important of them because even if every project is unique and individual, some main steps are the same. But during the process, you may acquire your own experience through new, different features connected to your project. Let’s see what is behind the 3D visualization stages.Small Office, 3D InteriorUnderstanding the client’s idea

At this stage, 3D artists carefully analyze all the materials for the project and try to match it with the whole idea. Don’t be surprised if you will be asked to send more inspiration or any other materials. Sometimes the data provided is not sufficient to start, so the team will let you know. This is a good point – the more detailed data you provide, the clearer the project will be. All 3D projects consist of clarified pieces. Our previous articles could be quite useful because there we described how to present the ideas correctly. During this phase, the future prons and cons will be analyzed, as well as the possible time frames. 3D artists will choose the best tactics to deliver the project effectively.

Creation of the model

The next step is the transfer of your materials to the 3D artists directly and at the beginning of the work. The creation of the 3D model is always the starting point. To make it more simple to understand, the 3D model is an assembly of all materials that you sent into a single volumetric object with mathematical precision. In the case of interior visualization, any piece of furniture and other interior details will be volumized. As we live in a 3D dimension, the special programs allow us to turn flat objects from the pictures into a 3D online model, which may be easily changed or developed. 3D artists work in different software to achieve this effect: FreeCAD, Vectary, etc. At the end of this stage, you will receive the first model for the first preview. When the initial model is ready, it doesn’t look realistic yet. In our experience, we faced many situations when after receiving the initial model clients were confused because it looked unreal and unnatural, but this is not the final stage.Kitchen in Grey Colors, 3D Interior Render Nevertheless, the first preview is very important. 3D artists want you to check if the objects are situated in the right place, all the details are included and nothing is skipped or forgotten. Layer by layer, the model will be changed through other software, which will bring the project design to a realistic and attractive finish. The first preview requires attention – here you have a chance to make the major changes because the model is not developed till the end, it is flexible. During the next phases of the project, it is less likely to make some big changes, because the project will be developed more and become more static.

Textures, lighting, shadows, and other details

Where the major changes are done, the next goal is to make the project more realistic, stylish, and attractive to the eye. When it comes to furniture, it is time to think about the textures, tissues, and colors. 3D artists choose the most appropriate materials for furniture upholstering, like jacquard, tapestry, and velours, which are so popular nowadays. The type of wood also plays a key role. The 3D model is transformed into more realistic by adding a style to it, for example, Vintage interior style, Scandinavian or Minimalistic. For exterior projects and architectural 3D visualizations, the materials for the facades and roofs are chosen, and the daytime, surroundings also should be set. This stage is about creating the main composition. Lighting and shadows play an important role in the final result and realism. Shadows should reflect the right position of the sun or moon depending on the daytime, or, the light from the lamps when it comes to the interior. This makes us come back again to the initial materials, where everything matters: color palettes, materials for the exteriors, daytime, and position of the objects. Every design requires a different approach.Green Sofa, Viscato 3D Visualizations The delivery stage

Finally, the 3D render is prepared, and you may receive it! This is the moment when you may enjoy the final result. We would like to remind you, that the success of the project depends on the correct cooperation and understanding from both sides: the company and the client as well. You may always help the artists by providing a broad range of the needed amount of quality materials. Help the artists to create the project of your dream!

We hope this article was useful and brought some interesting insights and understanding of the stages of 3D visualizations. If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact us via email or online chat on our webpage. Our professional and experienced 3D artists will answer all your questions or give you some recommendations. The next article will reveal new features of the topic. Do not miss it!

The images featured in this post are all the Viscato’s projects and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of the projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com

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