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3D Visualization business worldwide: the most important numbers for Viscato in 2018

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

Viscato behind the scenes: Viscato in numbers

In this article, we will share the information regarding our activity in 2018. It’s already April, so it the high time we shared this kind of summary. We pride ourselves to be the company cooperating with clients from all around the world and would like to share some thoughts about the 3D visualization business worldwide and how is it from the company’s point of view to be able to work for numerous countries.

What does it mean to us to be able to work for international clients?

We are based in Wrocław, Poland, and from the very beginning, we decided to offer our services abroad as well. Though Poland, where we are based, is right now a very attractive market due to many real estate projects in progress, we’ve been opened also for other markets. Working for clients coming from numerous countries is not only a matter of prestige but an interesting challenge for our team. The opportunity to work internationally is a great chance to do projects of different architectural styles. Many interior designs or architectural trends are international – for example, colors or patterns, but there are also styles influenced by the climate conditions or the surroundings. Many clients mean also the possibility to practice designing in different styles of interiors – more classic as well as more modern.

The Viscato summary

To better sum up the details regarding Viscato, we’ve prepared this infographics:Viscato- results of the year 2018 The biggest number of our clients came from Sweden. Last year we also made a big number of projects for clients from Germany and Norway. Still, the majority of the projects we completed were for clients coming from Europe, then from North America, and a few projects for clients in Asia and Australia.

We produced both projects for interior and exterior realizations. The majority were interior visualizations. Looking at our social media channels, these projects are mostly appreciated by our followers. 20% of our projects were product visualizations. If you are particularly interested in a product visualization project, you can read the case study here. Digging deeper into interior visualizations, a large part of them was the office interior visualization that we made for the coworking offices network – Spaces.

This year, we aren’t slowing down! So far we’ve completed 98 projects!

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