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Viscato Behind The Scenes: Product visualizations

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 9, 2022

If you come across our offer or our works on social media (Instagram, Facebook, or Behance), you mostly see the interior or exterior projects. However, this is not all that we do. The product visualizations are the third and not less important pillar of our expertise.

Does your company also need product visualizations?

In one of our previous posts, we’ve written about the 3D visualizations used for marketing purposes. The finding is similar – visualized objects in high definition can accelerate sales. However, not only for sales purposes make clients get 3D visualizations. If an object is under construction, the visualizations can help identify the weaknesses and potential defects. Most of our clients use high-definition product renderings for their websites or catalogs. In the case of less technical objects, such as clothing, a 3D product presentation can also be done for e-commerce purposes. To sum up: if your company produces or sells unique objects, product visualizations are a good way to present the items’ features or usability.Candles, 3d visualization Product Render in room with armchair and tableOpen space

Apart from the innovation, the most important is that the design should respond to the people’s needs: the space should accommodate the number of people that are working in the company. It should respond to the people’s needs, their working habits, and also to technological challenges.

Diving deeper, it means that the bigger number of people working, the bigger is space to arrange. The open space has a very negative connotation, it brings to mind the offices straight from the 80s or 90s that made working very hard and were considered to be a negative symbol of unfriendly corporations. As everyone works in the very same space, it makes for example talking on the phone harder. The modern open space has a different meaning. Another name seems to be more suitable here – a common space where everyone works. Without the need to stick to the very same desk every day, the common space makes it possible to sit in different places in the office. An opposite trend was to sit in smaller rooms. People are divided into teams, the most important executives in the spare room. Open spaces were used to gather negative opinions and this considered, the solution of diving all the people in the office into smaller rooms, sounded reasonable. But it also stands in the opposition to smart working. Can they be as attractive as the interior or exterior visualizations projects?

The technology that is used for product renderings is the same as in the case of interior and exterior images. The renderings are made with 3ds Max, Photoshop, and Corona Rendering software. The use of those aforementioned solutions helps achieve photorealism which is also a very important goal for product renderings. The accuracy is extremely important in the case of complex, industrial elements that have particular functionality. Not only the finished phase is shown on 3D visualization, but also the objects that may possibly need the alteration.

Case study from Viscato

Recently, you might have seen the shots from work in progress on our Facebook page and our artists working on a secret project. It all started last month when we received a considerably big package of materials from one of our clients – Mataki, the leading producer of roofing materials in the Nordic market. Those products have very specific features, like water- and wind resistance. We’ve received the roofing elements placed on two palettes, and we were asked to produce the photorealistic 3D visualizations. We were asked to render different roofing elements. There were bitumen elements and plastic roofing materials like the roofing felt for buildings with a flat roof structure, chimney cap, cornice, gutter, ridge finishing, and steel sheet tiles. Our goal was to get the photorealistic images in high resolution. We’ve used the best software for this kind of work, so 3ds Max and Corona. The 3ds Max features, like the free-form surface modeling, help get non-standard shapes, which were very important in this case. Thanks to the large library of materials available, Corona enables to render the structure even of a very particular element. Here are the before and after results:

All these things considered, the product visualizations are as important as the renderings of apartments or residential buildings or interiors. It is worth having them not only for very specific industrial objects or elements but also for furniture or clothing.

If you need product visualizations, feel free to contact us.

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