Viscato Behind the Scenes:
how does the 3D visualization process look like?

Who needs 3D visualizations?

This is the next episode of “Behind the Scenes” series. Last time we slightly revealed how the product visualizations are produced. This time we will reveal more details about how we work on the interior and exterior projects, what are the different production stages and which tools we use. We’ve already answered the questions why different businesses or industries need 3D visualization. Most of the motivations were around the sales and marketing, because the visualizations helped to imagine objects which do not exist or are not completed. This is basically what the architectural visualization is for.

This article may be also useful for those who are about to order 3d visualization services and would like to learn which information they should have once ordering such services and which points they should pay attention to when presenting the idea. Those who are just wondering how the 3D images of Viscato are made are also welcome and will for sure learn more too. Last but not the least, those who would like to boost their 3D skills, may also find the information below useful.  

Viscato Behind the Scenes:<br> how does the 3D visualization process look like?

How to get the 3D visualizations?

The very first stage of a 3D visualization process is getting in touch with us (or another 3D visualization studio whose work or aesthetics you like). It’s up to you whether you prefer to reach us via email ([email protected]), phone (+48 71 300 12 61), via contact form (available here or at the bottom of each page). Our colleagues are waiting for you on the chat that starts after you spend some time on our website.

Better work requires good communication between client and the company offering their services. We pay a lot of attention to feedback. The 3D visualization process is complex and if done ok, can be very helpful for companies.

Once you get in touch with us, we would like you to provide us with as many details as possible. If you would like us to prepare an interior visualization project for you, usually we ask about the technical drawing (projects in CAD or DraftSide). Other possibilities are for example the mood board or just inspiration pictures. If we do the architectural visualization project, any pictures of the surroundings are welcome – the Street View details or the drone pictures. Don’t forget to check the company’s portfolio to look for similar projects. Our goal here is to agree the scope of work to be done. Both we and customer concentrate on understanding each others’ needs. We agree the frames, the shots, the number of views. Usually we provide clients with few proposals to make sure we prepared the best match to your blueprint.This stage is also the moment when client is informed about the exact pricing.

Viscato exterior real estate

What is 3D modeling?

The 3D visualization production time depends of course on  particular project. The minimal time could be 24 hours, but the more complicated project is, the longer it takes to complete it and it’s not a surprise.

It all starts with the modelling. Creating a 3D model  is translating the physical object or a space into digital. More specifically: it is about forming a mesh using the vertices and moving them. These elements will form an object. A 3D model can be moved and then used further as an animation. This stage is challenging, because it requires creating very specific details of the model to reflect an object properly. The model is then used further for a visualization, simulation and rendering.

What software to use here? There are many possibilities, here is a long list of software with a level indicated. It is also important to note that each of these software solutions can be used for a different type of work. We at Viscato work with the 3ds Max, one of the best known software, a classic choice for the architectural visualization. The 3Ds Max can be used for modeling, creating an object, surroundings, buildings’ elements like balcony, windows, walls, floors, ceilings. 3ds Max offers the additional functionalities dedicated for architecture and has different version for artists and engineers. 3Ds Max is a tool that serves to 3d animation, modelling,rendering and is also good for film editing.

Viscato exterior visualization model a
Viscato exterior 3D model B

How is the 3D rendering done?

Once the models are ready, it’s the time to set up the scenery in 3D. We’ve underlined that the scope is a very important for a 3D project. The reason why it is important, can be clarified at this step. The 3D presentation of architecture – interior or exterior should be authentic. The images should indicate the environment the building is set in.  

Next step after the model is finished, it is to add the characteristic to them, such as texture. If the exterior or the interior is rendered, it’s a time to add the furniture or objects.

An important element is a source of light. Regarding the possible software, a good choice should be  for example Corona or Vray. Corona has a vast database of possible textures. Corona Renderer can be integrated with 3ds Max. It enables to choose the right material, lightning also around the model.

Another popular rendering software is Vray that we also used in the past.

Viscato exterior visualization preview 1
Viscato exterior visualization preview

How to get a photorealistic 3D project?

Before the project is completed, we want to make sure our realization meets requirements, we send the visualizations to clients. The feedback is very important then to clarify if we are on the same page. Once we get the feedback, we move to the last stage of the 3D visualization project.

Last touch for the project is the post production. For this we use the Photoshop. Photoshop can be used for some basic models creation as well. Though Photoshop is mostly associated with the photo editing,  it will also be very helpful at this stage. We often speak about photorealism while we describe our work. Thanks to Photoshop it is possible to put the additional elements of the interior or exterior.

Viscato Behind the Scenes:<br> how does the 3D visualization process look like?
Viscato Behind the Scenes:<br> how does the 3D visualization process look like?

Final takeaways

If you look for the visualizations service provider, take your time to find what you are looking for and gather your requirements to help yourself get the best project. Stay open for the suggestions, but don’t be afraid of out of the box thinking if you have a very unique idea. The 3D technology keeps developing, so look for those who are innovative and offer highest quality projects. If you think this is what Viscato does, contact us here.

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