Case study: how do Viscato’s visualizations help to sell the property?

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted November 17, 2022

About the client

Re/max Norway – this is our next project partner that we cooperated with not so long ago. This company is one of the world’s largest chains of real estate agents, who help people successfully sell their homes. Their agents manage the whole process and give recommendations on how to prepare the homes for sale before the photos are taken to highlight the best features of the house.

Needs and challenges

Re/max contacted us, firstly, because of seeking a better photorealistic quality of 3D renders. They already had the visualizations done by a previous provider, however, they were not satisfied with the final effect, which was a constraint for using these materials. It is also important to mention, those future visualizations had to be used for marketing purposes and sales. Here is why, they had to be photorealistic, show all the details, and communicate a cozy and special atmosphere. That was the goal we established. Here you can see the “before” result:Our solution

The first step before the beginning was the meeting with the client to know what exactly should be changed/ removed, and what are the most important expectations for this project. The good news for us was the full freedom of our artistic power to make it according to our vision. After that, we established a meeting with our 3D artists to analyze the previous work and discuss what can be done to improve the results. So here are the solutions we came up with:

-Comparing the initial renders and the actual drawings, we noticed that some elements were missing, so the first task was to add those to our renders.

-Light and time of the day: in the windows, you can see the reflection of a sunset or something close to the golden hour, however, the sky did not match those reflections. It is very blue and does not show the actual time of the day. So our goal was to match those as well and eliminate this dissonance.

-The next step was to work on overall lighting to make the whole impression more attractive, comfy, and good for the eye.

-Nature was not matching the Scandinavian climate.

-The overall impression of the “before” images was a little bit unnatural and unrealistic, so our task was to introduce more life and photorealism. 

-In addition, we prepared a high-standard “Hero-Shot” that was aimed to show absolute photo-realism and a different perspective of the building.

Here you can see our final result:And here is the hero shot with unusual color accents and mood that we prepared additionally using our artistic approach:Results

These visualizations of the future building will go to the website very soon. Our client loved the result already after the first preview. There was a drastic difference between the previous work and our visualizations, so our task was accomplished successfully.

The images featured in this post are taken from Viscato’s projects, and you can see all of them in our Portfolio section. If any of the projects are inspirational for you, feel free to contact us at contact@viscato.com

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