Scandinavian Style in 3D
Why is it so trendy ?

Scandinavian style has been extremely popular among  interior architects who would like to present their ideas in 3D visualizations. But what are the main reasons for its popularity ?

Whenever I think of the Scandinavian style, my imagination shows me the simplicity of interior in the first place. The design offers natural materials like wood, leather and stone, which are easy in processing and can be conveniently used in every room of the apartment or house. One of the most obvious answers to the question on its popularity is that the Scandinavian interiors are modern and well known among young people, who are very often the biggest target group of developers who order 3D visualizations to show their concept of housing. What is particularly interesting  is the fact that not only developers coming from or building in Scandinavian countries are fond of this design, but also those from Europe and America are often ordering their 3D renders in that style.

If we think about the colours of Scandinavian interiors the most popular is obviously white, its main advantage is that you can conveniently pair it with any other shade or pattern to achieve perfect contrasts and get some fun while choosing final decorative elements to finish off the design. Such colours maximize the lightness in the interiors so they look very attractive in the3D renderings. Even though the palette of colours should be quite limited and it is better not to decide on incorporating too many pastel shades, this is where our 3D artists can begin playing with materials and textures of the 3D models.

The shapes of furniture are kept in a rather minimalistic form, however it does not impact their functionality which is on a very high level.  Scandinavians are perfect in matching functionality with modern design. While working on furniture, they prioritize on simplifying the concept and getting as many of innovative elements as possible, but they also rely on trusty, natural materials. These two constitute a perfect combination, which has been tried and tested, and not decreased in popularity for more than 60 years straight. The carefully crafted and classic furniture always look good in the 3D projects and it seems this trend will keep lasting forever.

Those are three most important keystones in the matter of Scandinavian style success story among housing estates developers and interior designer. I am confident the future of this concept looks bright and its supporters will not wish to buck this trend. 


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