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Most popular interior design trends of 2019 in review

Story in By Magdalena Szydło, Posted August 8, 2022

The beginning of the year is a good opportunity to check the freshest trends in interior design industry. I’ve read a couple of listings in the most popular design and decoration portals and picked the most frequently mentioned tendencies.Bike stand, 3D renderThe color

At the end of each year since 2007, Pantone Institute announces which color will become the color of the year. The institute’s forecast reflects then in fashion, interior design, and even wedding decoration details. This year this is the Living coral. It can be found in nature and brings associations with family, social life, and wildlife. As it’s a variation of red, according to Bauhaus rules (check our previous post to learn more), it can be used in accessories even in minimalistic interiors. Not only the Pantone Institute picks the trending color each year. The chemical company PPG also promotes particularly one color each year. Their choice is somehow the opposite of the Living Coral. The Night Watch is a shade of gray that mixes green and blue. The color is very deep and brings associations connected to the majestic interiors. The Night Watch, more than Living Coral, would be an interior trend. Especially if there is the paint in the exact same hue, so the interior can get the trendy color very quickly. Other colors that appeared in the listings as the trending ones are bold ones, says Freshome: navy blue, deep red, and burnt orange.

The furniture

The zero waste trend is very popular nowadays. People avoid using disposable cups, we’ve been becoming more conscious of how the goods are produced, we save food, and we are very concerned about ecology-related matters. It’s not a surprise then that this approach reflects in the interior design as well. Another trend is about arranging the functional spaces. Elle Decor mentions Multi-Functional furniture as one of the most important tendencies for 2019. This approach is known from Bauhaus stipulations. Form follows functions – this leads to having less furniture. What’s more, Elle Decor mentions the tendency to declutter eclecticism. However, regarding art, they mention maximalist art as a popular trend contrary to the Scandinavian style.Scandinavian Style, 3D RenderNot only the floor

The terrazzo trend appeared in each of the listings. Lately, the marble pattern used to be very popular – not only in interiors but also as an accessories pattern. The marble is one of its components. Terrazzo was very popular in the Art Deco age and in the 80s thanks to the Memphis group that mentions the Apartments Therapy list. It’s very decorative, spontaneous, and not boring, so it will correspond well with minimalistic solutions seen in other trends. Even though it was mostly used as the floor, the pattern appears on the tiles or pieces of furniture.

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The last, but very interesting, trend that comes up very often is decorating the ceiling. Another space, more possibilities, and growing functionality, because the piece gets another dimension. Decoraid says this trend is very fresh and can correspond to the 20s. In upcoming months we will see which trends from those we described above will be the most popular, which will be on the map in 2023 as well. Have a great year!

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