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3D market’s growth

As the research conducted by Grand View Research says, it is forecasted that the 3D market will grow by ¼ throughout the next 7 years. One of its raising popularity factors is just-in-time marketing. This marketing niche’s aim is to create agile content, to be able to produce it when it’s needed. Its flexibility and responsiveness has a lot in common with 3D visualizations.

Office visualization in 3D, dining area

How do marketing and 3D visualization overlap then? I’d say their common field is communication. The advantage of 3D over traditional blueprint is that 3D tells the whole story of an object or a building, mentions its environment, the functionalities and users. Marketing communicates the company culture and the way to get clients. 3D can actually do the same things. Let’s see how 3D visualization is used for marketing purposes in different industries.

Wooden gate to the housing estate, 3D visualizations

The real estate experience

In the majority of cases, it is considered that 3D visualization is a tool for the real estate industry. It uses it for many purposes – the most obvious one is sales. A project which doesn’t exist yet is shown in a comprehensible way. A 3D image tells more than only the size of a house or flat, but also mentions the example of design, shows how the neighbourhood will be arranged, or how people would interact with the building’s surroundings. Buying a home, that provides a safe place to live, is a huge investment. Real estate companies are not only selling empty apartments, but also the emotions they should be able to bring together with their projects. They represent the building and the people in the neighbourhood. It’s actually a lot more than just a construction, but also the feelings and the main characteristics it includes.

3d visualization of three semi-detached houses in Obermursberg

The flexibility of architectural projects

The next industry taking advantage from the 3D renderings is the architecture industry. While designing exterior or interior it is crucial to remain flexible. The possibility to update a design’s components progressively lets architects present multiple points of view and eventually the ability to create a project’s final version before bringing it to life. The advantage of 3D visualizations over the traditional 2D plan is realism. It is possible to add the light or shadow. All these things considered, the recipients can see more details. It’s similar regarding interior design – not only the vague blueprints, but 3D renderings that help not only to imagine, but actually to see an apartment’s design and to assess its usability. Clients appreciate the possibility of adding their personal touch to a project.

parking spaces next to the office buildings

To identify the weak points

Transportation sector is also an important beneficiary of 3D visualization services. Let’s take a vehicle construction process as and example. This is a very complex procedure that requires huge financial efforts. What’s more, the visual presentation of a new vehicle type should include all of the vital parts to convince the brand that this particular model will meet the requirements of a certain target group and the producer. The vehicle construction process consists of many stages and with the benefits of 3D visualizations it is possible to change particular elements even after the whole project has already been finished. Being able to use tools such as 3D renderings makes the whole investment more cost-effective. Thanks to the 3D image, it is possible to see the advantages and spot the bugs of a vehicle before it enters the production line.

3d model of yaht on singapore bay with skyscrapers in background. Visualization by night.

Touch of luxury

3D with its agility is able to meet even the highest demands of clients. This is why 3D renderings are also present in luxury niches, such as the yachting industry. These luxury boats are associated with picky customers. It’s very important for them to customize the production machines to make these objects unique by giving them a personal touch. 3D images will help to meet the clients’ requirements due to the project’s flexibility. Not only 3D images are useful here, but virtual reality tours as well.

Copper imitation on the facade, Viscato

The future of retail

3D has become a useful marketing channel for both, the e-commerce as much as for the traditional, analog shopping experience. In case of  traditional shops, 3D tools help to create the customer journey. Together with virtual reality it’s possible to use virtual walkthroughs to test how customers interact with a product and space. Virtual walkthroughs present a product in its natural environment. As the 3D presentation includes certain details such as light, the presentation becomes even more realistic. Speaking of e-commerce, the user experience is an important trend that cannot be ignored. While selling items such as furniture online, it’s important to give clients more than just pictures. Playing with a 3D object lets people imagine how this particular piece of furniture will match other objects in their household. 2D methods, such as sitemaps to identify the possible users’ interaction with a website or an app, were widely common in the past. The future will likely bring more 3D in User Interface creations.

control tower device set, 3d product rendering

Marketing is one of the industries that takes much advantage from the capabilities of 3D. There are more and more possibilities for healthcare or entertainment industries as well. The 3D renderings and animations for different types of products can not only save money, but give choices, help to improve one’s imagination and last but not least create interesting experiences. Marketing uses 3D visualization content to help their targeted audience. A 3D image supports imagination much more than an ordinary photography does. It can present the full capability of a product, its functionalities or a spirit – if we speak about architectural  buildings. As marketing is nowadays more and more competitive, the channels are more accessible, it is worth trying new ones and expand the technological capabilities and numerous possibilities internally.

All images featured in this post come from the Viscato’s portfolio. If you are about to get similar visualizations and are looking for a partner for such a project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Sales team to order product, interior or exterior visualizations. You can check more Viscato works here

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    3D visualization in architecture gives really great possibilities. You can say that they transfer design to a higher level. Congratulations.

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