VISCATO is a thriving company which, during realisation of 3d visualizations, bet on the latest technologies and experts from 3D modeling.

Business software solutions from Autodesk ®, along with rendering software like V-Ray ™ or Corona ™, supported by post-production tools for Adobe ®, guarantee the highest quality of the resulting images. Advanced servers based on Intel ® Xeon ™ processors accelerate the execution of our projects to the extent which allows us to finish in a few hours jobs which just a few years ago took a few days.


  • modeling of architecture from scratch according to .dwg drawings
  • modeling near and far vicinity for investments
  • industrial buildings and equipment
  • modeling and animating industrial machines and production processes
  • furniture – from models to photorealistic graphic presentations
  • interactive applications in 3d environment, including virtual reality (oculus rift, etc.)


In case of standard visualization jobs we do not charge extra for computer running time. It is not included in either hourly or invoiced payment. Only for tasks that require very large resources usage (advanced 3D animation) we estimate costs separately for hardware rendering time.


Our work is valuated after receiving materials from a customer, discussing needs and expectations, as well as the amount of work that needs to be done. Maintaining our attractive prices (at the freelancing level) is the effect of investments in advanced software and hardware, as well as of setting up an effective work methodology.


With input materials and an outline expectations from customer, we prepare an individual offer and assess the contract. Once the pricing has been agreed on, we begin our work. We prepare sketch visuals – a starting point for discussion with the client about modifications. We make a lot of shots, to give the client a say in how the images are going to be processed further.

We do all the necessary refinements and modifications to the model – our team consults every stage with the client and, after acceptation, we make final images. It is our understanding that there are always changes during the creation process – therefore we welcome up to corrections or changes with no extra fee. The final stage is to render visualizations in high resolution – a post-production artist makes his final touch and we deliver the final product to the client.


We create stunning applications for architects, designers, private investors and large companies. With help of latest Unity environment tools – flexible and powerfu development platform, we are able to create multiplatform 3D interactive applications.

We use Unity engine, becouse we want to create the best interactive visualizations that will delight your clients. It allows us to build applications for classic, desktop computers as well as for android based tablets.

Possibilities are unlimited – we can provide you a complete solution for:

  • Interactive floorplans in 3d environment
  • Virtual walk- real estates and interior
  • 3D product catalogue
  • Interior design
  • Interactive Kiosks applications for events
  • Virtual manuals
  • Emergency evacuation simulators and many more …


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