Why 3D product packshot is one step ahead of the traditional photo?

  • Lower price in case of a big number of products, or different variations of products.

  • 3D packshot creation is a streamlined process. In this case, you don’t need to search for a professional photographer or produce the product.

  • No transport / logistics / storage of products.

  • Possibilities of changes in already modeled products (colors, shadows, additional elements, etc.)

  • You don’t need to have a product manufactured- you may have just an idea which we will easily visualize.

  • Presentation of the products in various scenery, lighting, weather.

  • To sum up- you don’t have to manufacture the product and search for a professional photographer. You save money, reduce the risks, and save precious time while receiving the full range of high-end 3D product rendering. Choosing a 3D product packshot over the traditional photo automatically allows you to manage your resources more effectively.

What benefits will you receive while working with us?

  • Our team has long-term experience in various 3D fields, including professional product visualization.

  • You will receive the product in different interiors, exteriors, styles- we are ready to meet all your needs and ideas by the attractive price.

  • Product rendering is an excellent tool for the transformation of your portfolio into a professional and stylish one, causing a competitive advantage on the market and attraction of new clients.

  • You will see how the final product looks like before investing the whole budget into it.

If you have the idea of a product that is not ready yet, and the costs of producing are high- do not risk your budget, order the 3D product visualization from us. Or, even if the product is already assembled, but you would like to change and present it to the clients more professionally- product visualization is the best solution.

How does the project performance look?

We are happy to present to you one of the product visualizations finished and delivered recently to our client- a 3D packshot of the furniture.

STAGE ONE- Model recreation

Each product rendering begins with a 3D model creation. Using the special software our team with the help of the 3D geometry recreates the initial product. During this stage, the lines come up together to the product with its special dimensions. Further, layer by layer these lines will be transformed into the realistic version. You may see this in the picture.

STAGE TWO- Preview of the initial product

During stage number one you could see the product which was very close to the real one but still had some points to be fixed. This is the moment you are possible to make some big/ slight changes and additionally have the look if the product in this stage meets your expectations.

STAGE THREE- Product packshots

Finally, the product is ready and presented to you. The only thing which is left- your decision about product placement. It can be placed inside the interior/ exterior/ lay down on the object, etc.

360° degrees presentation

Another outstanding way of the product presentation which is perfect for the website is 360° degrees animation. There are some important advantages to it:

  • You will see the product on the move.

  • 360° degrees animation improves the initial experience of the customer and helps to get familiar with the product faster.

  • You will be able to show the client different angles of the product, so the presentation will be more detailed.

  • These animations look professional and reinforce the quality of your website.


    STAGE FOUR- Placement of the product

    On this stage, our team of 3D artists will place your product into the preferred realty (exterior/ interior/ etc.) This is when the product becomes real, in its natural environment, looking stylish, professional, and ready for your business portfolio.

    Now you may see- the visualization of the product plays one of the key roles in sales, finding new clients, and build firm loyal relationships. Our experts use the whole power of experience to contribute to this process. We are always happy to assist you with new or already existing products, so never hesitate to call us or write an email at any time.

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