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    • What is the exact price for my project? icon

      In our studio, we don’t have a fixed price list, it is always calculated individually for every project. Why is it so? Every project has different features, complexity, and size, hence, we need a different amount of working time for it. Moreover, we are able to prepare the exact price after we have a look at the project materials, so we will be able to assess the working time for it.
    • What do we need to prepare the price, and start the project? icon

      To prepare the exact pricing, we would like to have as many materials and details about the project as possible: Drawings/ Floor plans for interior visualizations (please, determine the exact rooms that have to be visualized on the floor plan)/ Cross-sections of the buildings/ Pictures of existing houses/ Preferable camera angles and viewpoints/ 3D models / The number of exterior visualizations, and interior visualizations for each room
    • How fast can I receive my project? icon

      Every project is diverse and takes a different amount of time. To identify it, we would need to see the project materials and scope. The average time for the small project is 1 working week, but for the bigger project, the overage time may increase from 2-3 working weeks. In case you have a strict deadline, please, let us know, and we will definitely find the solution to deliver the project on time.
    • What software do we use? icon

      We use 3DS MAX and Corona Renderer
    • How do we protect your project data? icon

      We always take into account the safety of project data in our company - this is our priority. Signing NDA is not a problem, you can send us your NDA, or request us to send our version, which fully protects your rights and data.
    • What is our maximum project capacity? icon

      We have a team of 14 3D artists. Depending on the size of the project, we are able to process 6-18 projects a week. Our workflow is effectively organized and a couple of artists can work on the project at the same time. We encourage you to send over 3-4 projects for evaluation, so we will be able to assess the exact number of projects we can take.
    • What are the payment methods? icon

      We accept 2 payment methods: bank transfer or PayPal. The whole payment can be divided by half (the first 50% should be paid before we deliver the first previews, the other 50% before the project is finished and delivered). Or, we can divide the payment by 75% and 25% with the same principle described above. Please, note that we do not accept payment only after the project is finished and delivered.
    • How can I check the progress of my project? icon

      Our project manager will be contacting you at every stage of the project, so you will have an update as soon as possible. You also will be able to see the newest results in our tool called Review Studio- an easy-to-use platform where we upload the recent results. You always can contact our project manager in case of any questions.