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Our newest project of YMCA Campus was prepared with a little bit different attitude, as it is not a typical housing estate district. The premises consists of six buildings varying in sizes and shapes, from little cabins to two-storEy facilities with a big yard in the central part.

The mission of YMCA organisation is to gather young people together. That is why all the buildings facades face each other creating the feeling of unity and society. The campus is surrounded by acres of beautiful nature in the shape of numerous trees, bushes, rocks and even the lake, which is easily accessible straight from the pier. The wooden elevation of all buildings, painted in the colour of brick and completed with white decorative elements gives an impression of contrast, however, it still nicely harmonizes with the background. One of the most unusual and surprising building materials used in this project is the grass which was placed on the roofs of the cabins.

The aims of the Association is to develop healthy body, mind, and spirit, and to empower young people. This cannot be achieved without proper athletic activities organised on the nearby outdoor playing area. Capacious terraces form a relaxation zone and encourage youth to build lifelong relationships and experience unforgettable moments.

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