CLIENT: Private Investor

While working on this architectural visualisation, we put a lot of effort to meet the individual expectations and demands of this particular customer.

The cottage is located in the Norwegian forest with a magnificent view of the mountain range. The place is perfect for a quiet and peaceful life far away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Nicely textured variety of plants, trees, and bushes form a natural landscape, typical for the places untouched by a human hand.

Wood siding gives the impression of simplicity and goes hand in hand with the naturally balanced earth colour combinations of the roof, balcony, and wooden columns on the porch. The usage of wood in architecture has never lost its importance as it is highly durable, protective and at the same time beautiful, obviously if maintained properly. The house perfectly blends in the design of the forest environment and natural view of the valley. Wood paneling creates a unique atmosphere, which highlights the feeling of rural, uncultivated beauty of the forest imperfection.

Renderings were produced in two different moods and lightning conditions- a cold, wet and foggy setting and a warm, pleasant environment with only a couple of white clouds on the flawless blue sky.

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