These 3D exterior renderings present a gorgeous Villa in Bermuda Islands. The architecture design is quite unique there and follows a couple of important rules and specifications. Its main influence is the island isolation, lack of resources and subtropical environment resulting in common storms and hurricanes.

The Villa is a low, ground floor building, however it is designed on a vast area and in an irregular shape. There are rather small sash windows with white frames reflecting the natural light. The doors are of a similar style matching the whole concept of the residential building. The villa is designed on a slope, which created a perfect, natural spot for an outdoor swimming pool. Additionally, it serves as an attaching point for photovoltaic panels, due to which the residential building seems to be almost self-sufficient.

In this 3D architectural project one of the most interesting parts of the Villa is its roof, which is stepped, made of limestone and of a white colour- absolutely not popular in European countries. Such idea obviously has explanation. The roofs in Bermuda are designed this way to catch water, of which there is no fresh supply on that Island, apart from rain. The elevation is of a pastel light blue colour with some additions of clear white tone around the window frames and doors.

One of the 3D visualizations present stunning stone stairs leading to the house surrounded with subtropical plants as palm trees. The whole area around the building is covered with well trimmed grass giving the impression of perfect order.

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3D exterior rendering of a house - Viscato3d architectural visualizations of a duplex house in Bermuda Islands- Viscato