This particular 3D project is unique in its origins. The residential settlement visible on the renders is built from the scratch. However, the House in the middle of it is being renovated. The visualization depicts a classical style, multi-family home surrounded by contemporarily designed residential blocks.

The renders succeed in portraying the settlement-like feel of the project, with small gardens, lawns and a greenhouse enclosed by the large residential buildings. The cozy, village atmosphere is further amplified by the wooden finish of the exterior buildings. The natural, grey panels on the façades of the buildings give them a unique, organic ambiance, differentiating them from other residential blocks being built today. The design is enhanced by adding energetic, orange elements on the frames of the windows, balconies and railings, so as to prevent the wooden exterior from setting an aura of antiquity.

The whole architectural project is set in a forest by a river, delivering a peaceful naturalist mood, which is further cultivated by the trees, lawns and gardens enclosed by the buildings. In order to enable the residents to take pleasure from the surrounding views, there are rooftop terraces with tables, chairs and loungers, perfect for summer relaxation with a book or just to escape from the worries of day-to-day life.

The idea of this particular architectural project was to create a pleasing and welcoming living conditions for the elderly people, so they can create a completely new community, much happier in such environment in comparison to a regular nursing home.

Viscato artists had a great pleasure to take part in such an unusual 3D visualization project, even though it was quite demanding to combine a completely dilapidated old style building with some fresh, modern ideas of a housing estate.

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exterior renderings of a residential building with micro apartments in Wroclaw- Viscato 3D3D visualization of a terraced house with a parking space- VISCATO