CLIENT: Sinem Shalini Misra

There are many different office designs among which we used to see lots of formal concepts in dark colors and bright colored ones for companies where inspiration is part of the work process. Viscato team has just finished one of the office concepts with some royal chick. This room design is perfect for the purpose of meeting the clients, conducting important deals, be focused on daily tasks. Let’s move on to the details. Sofas in light beige upholstery and red velvet armchairs, сrystal сhandeliers, wall decorations, wooden cupboard- together these elements turn into a formal and luxury concept simultaneously. 

What is the main feature of every office design? We believe- this is the effect of it and the power of influence on the work and people. That is why during the visualization process our 3D artists were aimed not to overload it too much but save all the necessary details. Design is part of the workforce engine, balancing our focus and personal customizations. 

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