CLIENT: Office Studio BVBA

The 3D visualization is a part of a big project implemented by BVBA Offices from Belgium. This particular building is the first one to see on the entire premises.

‘The Office’ in comparison to ‘The Barn’ and ‘The Factory’ is not a renovation but a completely new building. Its main advantage is an amazing view over the surrounding nature. The investor decided to use building materials, which are recently in fashion: glass and concrete. The days during which typical cubicle offices, surrounded by white walls and lit by fluorescent lights are gone. These days, large windows allowing the daylight to come in, are key factors to achieve the feeling of stimulating naturalness. Creative work environment, easily seen through such windows, inspires innovation and genius ideas along the way of 9-5 working day.

The columns supporting the construction, seen in the front of the building, are structural elements which transmit the weight of the structure. Additionally, those elements are not just regular two pillars, they enrich the whole design of the building.

Behind the building, there is a relaxation zone, perfect for a short chit-chat or a spontaneous brainstorming. The investors understand how important is the face to face contact in everyday communication at work, and following other Big Companies were willing to create the space attractive for energetic and enthusiastic Head People.

The building itself is easily accessible and offers high-tech facilities, even though it is placed in the woods. The employees will be given an opportunity to perform their favorite outside hobbies, like gardening or playing sports. Such measures persuade people to stay around the office after hours and strengthen their relations with each other, creating a strong team. Every CEO knows a good team is a key to success.

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renovated old factory- 3d vizualizationhousing estate with a garden in the courtyard - 3d rendering