CLIENT: Office Studio BVBA

The vision of investor was to rethink the way people work and to bring work to life. They made a decision to name their brand new project The Green Space, which does not clearly correspond to the office building. If heard, nobody would give a thought of it as an uninspiring working place with boring traditional atmosphere. The main idea was to create diverse, inspirational and encouraging offices, suitable for companies understanding modern needs of employees, and those who want to boost productivity of their specialists.

This particular building is nicknamed ‘The Factory’, as before the transformation it was a factory. During the process of renovation it was chosen to have it designed in a modish aesthetic loft style, the same as can be found in New York. Elevation made of brick and black metal wall panelstogether with large windows ideally highlight the industrial convention. The building is situated in the middle of the premises and stands for its central part, there are two more buildings, called ‘The Barn’ and ‘The Office’, which can be found in our portfolio as well.

The peaceful environment, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, creates the feeling of recreation, the green spot outside the building is excellent for a sit-down with a cup of coffee served straight from the café, selling not only beverages but also freshly prepared food.

The company housed in such place surely have the goal to create community of visionary entrepreneurs.

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YMCA Camp- front view, 3d visualisationModern office building in the woods- front view, 3d rendering