Wooden houses are considered popular in some parts of the world, especially those which are rich in woods. This material feels so natural, back to earth and adds spiritual simplicity to the whole project.

Nowadays, there are many types of wood with different structures and colour shades so the design is absolutely not limited and up to imagination. In these 3D architectural visualizations, we see a housing estate with terraced houses all of which have wooden siding but of various colours. Viscato artists know how extremely important is the colour on the exterior of the house and they put a lot of effort to perfectly present the investor’s idea. The houses are about to be built in Sweden in the beautiful and neat surrounding with a great access to road and other facilities.

The houses have small openings to the front, where the pavement is not that far from the windows, and sizable openings to the back, allowing the residents to see their own garden through large windows. There are terraces in the backyard with a place for a big table and a garden barbecue. To keep simplicity and uniformity they were made of the same wood as the siding. Even though the gardens do not offer enough space for growing vegetables, they would be great places for everyday relaxation on the fresh air.

Those terraced houses are joined together with walls of sheds, giving a little bit more privacy in comparison to regular terraced houses, which are joined with one wall belonging strictly to the construction of the house. There are also doors through which it is possible to get quickly to the other side of the house without entering it. The investors decided to provide private roofed parking spaces, however only for one car, which might be a bit of inconvenience for modern families living in the suburbs.

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