The latest trend is to keep all architectural designs based on simple geometric shapes. With this particular project, we now fully understand why it is so popular and well received by costumers around the world.

In today’s housing industry, it is extremely important to let the residents personalize their living space, so they can achieve the uniqueness. In this particular project, it is possible due to very neutral nature of the structure that gives dwellers endless possibilities to adjust all the details, furnishing, and coloristic to their desires. Simple yet beautiful is the best phrase to describe this project and all others that are made in this concept. Viscato artists hope more houses of such arrangement will start to appear in our neighborhoods.

In those 3D visualizations, you may see that the terrace has two glassed gaps in its ceiling. This solution lets in a lot of natural light yet still preserving the obvious destiny of the roofed space, which is giving the shelter during an appearance of unfavorable weather. There is no way you would miss the swimming pool situated next to the house. Please imagine that during a hot summer day you are sitting in the shade provided by the house terrace and at any time given, you may jump to the pool which is inscribed in the entire structure of the building.

Before you may enter the premises you walk by the roofed garage which in addition to the safe parking space partly separate us from the street, acting as a fence. The renderings present that the dwelling is situated in a peaceful neighborhood with a lot of trees and shrubs. All those features combine together create an unforgettable picture of a house you surely wish to settle down in. We think housing industry will make many designs similar to this one in years to come and we are ready to visualize their concepts with pleasure.

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Architectural visualization of unroofed terrace with a little peek inside the premises ViscatoExterior visualization from Austria with innovative garage design Viscato