These 3d interior visualizations present a 3D concept of an open space and a bathroom designed for this Investment

Thanks to large windows, the space is very well-lighted and gives an impression of being much bigger than it actually is. The furniture in the kitchen is in the modern combination of white glassy and wooden fronts of the cupboards. Additionally, the kitchen island offers some more working space on the benchtop, which would be just enough for preparing the food.

The kitchen is separated from the living room with a dining table with 6 chairs in the Scandinavian style. Even though the living room is of a medium size, there is enough space for some relaxation on the couch, while sitting on which you can freely watch a film, as the TV set is just in front of you.

The bathroom is perfect for a family which needs a lot of space to prepare in the morning or cannot decide whether they prefer a shower or a bathtub. In that interior, every member of the family would be satisfied.

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Living room in black and white- 3d visualizationWhite kitchen set, Viscato 3D