CLIENT: Cornerstone Architects LLP

Viscato 3D artists produced exterior visualizations of an American style investment in Texas, USA.

The house is located in beautiful and hilly surroundings with plenty of nature. The architect decided to install large windows from the front side of the building to let in more natural light to the rooms and the staircase. The entrance door is also made of glass and reinforced with steel. On the right of the house there are two garages nicely fitted in the project to which there is easy access from the driveway. The back of the house has much more to offer. The first thing to see is an amazing swimming pool with one side made of glass that makes the construction much lighter for the eye. Moreover, there are terraces on which the residents could enjoy their free time. Additionally, there are also balconies with access straight from the rooms. The whole design is consistent and magnificently adjusted to the setting.

As a matter of fact, the stone is a very elegant material and also has additional, favorable features, such as heat-insulation and resistance to corrosion and water. Moreover, if we look at nature around, stone seems to be the perfect choice for this building facade.

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