Another astonishing 3D interior with a spacious living room and a kitchenette that brings up the best answer to today’s craving for warm and cozy living space.

At the first glance, you may see that in the section where we can find the gray sofa there is also the old-fashion heater. Please imagine cold autumn evening when you are sitting/lying on the sofa covered with the blanket next to the heater with burning wood reading your favorite book. Even the thought is pleasant on its own. You may also see that the whole interior is kept in minimalistic style so popular these days; additionally, as the interior was painted in a single bright colour, it gives an impression of a very spacious dwelling. Still, our artists added some interesting details which make the interior more unique and exceptional.

The table in the dining area is situated in a way which allows all residents to enjoy the view of the backyard during an everyday meal. Since the room is not divided by any partition there are endless possibilities in reorganizing the whole interior. To see an architectural design of the dwelling visit:

Directly from these astonishing interiors, we have an unforgettable view of the already mentioned backyard. You may see there a vast green space with a lot of bushes and trees. We found the whole architectural realization thought-trough and fitted to the needs of anyone who values simplicity in interior designing.

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3D visualization of a cozy bedroom with modern design ViscatoLifelike renderings of spacious living room with kitchenette Viscato