CLIENT: Maison Arabella

A very beautiful and theurgical project we had recently is this luxury spa interior visualization. How often do you visit a spa? What do you expect to receive? The most popular answer is relaxation and self-treatment. Our 3D artists completed the interior with some magical details. Let’s have a look at the first visualization with juicy greenery inside. Perfect, isn’t it? It reminds a tropical forest with wet and clear air and crystal water. Unification with nature is the best solution for the spa interior. Each client may feel in the heart of the green oasis. A swimming pool is an essential part of any spa. This area is one of the most visited by clients. Relaxing on soft sunbeds after swimming moves our eye up. There, you may see a ceiling tunnel through which sunlight pours. Our 3D architects used this ceiling solution for each spa placement to visually maintain the integrity of the interior. The massage room was fulfilled with using some oriental elements.

The project of the spa interior is the first in our portfolio. It was a pleasure for our team to work on it.

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