CLIENT: Premium Real Estate Sverige AB

The Viscato 3D artists are glad to present you with the new collaboration outcome- a new interior for the futuristic house. Here you may go through the bathroom, living room, kitchen, and bedroom design. What is more, the house is enriched with floor to ceiling glass windows, where the outside view is full of natural landscape and greens. There are many wooden details inside: walls and ceiling in the living room and kitchen, chairs and etc. The kitchen set, by the way, is monochromatic and has lots of hidden details, quite minimalistic, as well as the bathroom and bedroom. The living room is equipped with a fireplace, which gives a special note of coziness to the whole house. One of the major colors that were used for the project is grey in its wide variety of shadows. There are also different lighting solutions and different shaped lamps and chandeliers. Our team put each piece of our experience and soul into every project, paying attention to tiny details, modeling, and postproduction to achieve the stunning final effect.

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