CLIENT: Fatima Marques, architect

In the last couple of years, the popularity of summer houses has increased together with their prices, making it a fancy investment. This minimalist home design was implemented in an amazing location with plenty of natural surroundings, attracting the owners to keep coming back for more pleasurable recreation.

The light wood and glass exterior does not create a vivid contrast to the fully natural landscape and allows the residents to stay close to nature. Such building materials generate a great, complementary symbiosis and are undoubtedly treated as main decorative elements. The ceiling- to- floor glass walls bring in both natural light and a beautiful panoramic view on the neighboring area. Besides, the futuristic shape and lack of ornaments make it a great contemporary option for relaxation, especially during the warm months of the year.

The house offers a living space with a well-equipped kitchen, separate bedroom, and comfortable bathroom, which is a great advantage of this project.

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Exterior 3D Visualization of modern house in Norway- view from angle with trees, grass and plantsDaylight exterior visualization of multi family real estate - side view with balconies and bushes