The 3d visualizations of these two small apartments were prepared in 3ds Max. Our Artists’ task was to produce the image showing that even such a small living space can be sufficient to lead a happy life. The living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens are organized in one common area and still, there is enough space to store the kitchen equipment and sit and enjoy dinner time with friends.

In both projects, the design is pleasant and clear in colours with some stronger accents like the colour of the kitchen cupboards. A little bit of wood in the form of a table with chairs and floor breaks the plain structures of furnishings. In the second realization, wood is present in the form of a TV set unit and floor as well.  White walls always work best in small interiors as they optically enlarge the space and give the feeling of cleanliness and consistency. The biggest advantages of these apartments are the large windows, which let in a lot of natural light, and through which the residents can admire the beauty of the bay.

The presented bathroom is mainly in the shades of white and gray but we can notice interesting textures and materials with which the particular elements were produced. The addition of steel details works perfect for emphasizing the modern style of the whole investment.

Those apartments are going to be a part of the building which is divided into a business area and residential area. Viscato also prepared the exteriors of this building and you can have a look at them here:

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