This 3D architectural project presents a shopping and entertainment centre in Belgium.

The investor’s idea is to create the space which would become not only a place for shopping haunt but also a place where the inhabitants of the region can meet and spend some valuable time together, using the outside facilities suitable for both children and adults. Additionally, it is possible to organize various events on the premises of this shopping centre, which could easily attract customers even though it is located outside the City.

The shopping complex was designed in the shape of arch with parking spots just in front of the premises which comfortably facilitates the access. The building itself is of light natural shade with a couple of different siding material textures, however there are plenty of colourful additional elements on the elevation and columns around the building. The colours are well harmonized and have a separatory function, simplifying the shopping activity.

Large, impressive windows seen in the visualizations ensure a lot of natural lightening, creating a perfect place for tenants selling clothes, to advertise their offer to the potential customers, even before they enter the building. They also reflect the area surrounding the shopping centre which is amazingly green and peaceful.

Greenery surrounding the shopping centre seems to be surprisingly well adapted and it has plenty of environmental benefits. It is not popular to grow that big amount of diversified plants in the areas where man decides to transform and modify the landscape, however this shopping centre definitely gets a lot of positive feedback for such an idea. At the same time, it proves the uniqueness of the investor’s studio culture, who is aware that the green space can improve the property value.

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