CLIENT: Atella Fastigheter AB

These 3D architectural visualizations present a semi-detached house designed on a rectangular plan with a sloping roof in matching colours. This particular house is a part of a bigger residential area, located in a rather peaceful district and surrounded with the natural beauty of trees, bushes and other plants.

Viscato prepared 3D exterior visualizations showing the elevation and house arrangement. Wood is considered a natural and beautiful material giving great possibilities for creating unique and durable siding design. The changing shades and tones of wood colours make a home residence feel warm and inviting. Moreover, this type of siding is treated as the most ecological available on the market.

When buying a house, families expect to have at least a little bit of green space outside. In here we can see they are going to have a large terrace to share, able to easily fit some deck furniture and plant pots. An important fact is that the terrace is divided into two same size parts with a wall, generating privacy.

There is an easy access to the pavement and road facilities. Unfortunately, there is no garage planned but each owner is offered a private parking space just in front of the house.

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REAL ESTATE RENOVATION- VISCATO 3D ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION3D visualizations of a house with palm tres- viscato