This time our regular client wanted to present their architectural project of two semi-detached houses in a photorealistic 3D visualizations.

The buildings are located right next to each other and there is an easy access to the pavement and road facilities. There are also some dedicated parking spaces, unfortunately without the roof. The elevation colour and the roof colour are very similar. The facade is made of a dark, wooden siding. The window frames are also dark, the same as the doors and balustrades on the balconies. The balconies themselves are interestingly located and constitute a part of the roof. We have to admit this is an attractive solution, not very often seen in the architectural realizations. Still, the development offers terraces as well, but at the back of the houses. Each family is going to enjoy a bit of their private space for spending their spare time outside. The terraces are separated by a wall, and the gardens with growing bushes which in the future would create a nice, high hedge.

The Atella company ordered some 3D visualizations of a similar but larger project before, you can have a look at them in our portfolio:

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3D exterior visualization of an office and residential building, Viscato3D visualization of residential development- viscato