CLIENT: GSpace Development

These 3D exterior visualizations present some semi-detached buildings, which are about to be built, in a residential area in Bermuda Islands.

The buildings are designed according to the rules binding for that territory. It is especially easy to recognize one of those if we take into consideration the stepped roof, made of white limestone, which is supposed to catch fresh water. The houses are of the same shape and size offering light and airy accommodation for two families. The elevation is of a white colour with grey balconies and walls separating them. In contemporary design glass plays an important role and it is quite popular to use large windows, allowing plenty of natural light into the rooms. In order to provide some privacy, the architects decided to mount some vertical blinds emphasizing the latest trends in architectural design.

The houses are surrounded with a beautiful green area with plenty of palm trees in different sizes. The lawn is not fully developed, so the potential buyers may organize it in their own individual style.

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3D visualizations of a house with palm tres- viscato3D architectural visualization of a multi family building in Sweden