This 3D project presents the interiors of a semi detached house that you can find here.

The kitchen and living room are located on two sides of the house and are sperataed with a table giving the dining spot. While sitting and enjoying breakfast the residents can have a nice view both through the large windows in the kitchen and terrace door allowing to enter the garden straight from the living room. The concept of design is kept in the light, natural colours with wooden flooring.

After getting to the first floor we will find there a bedroom. If the space is well organised, even the smallest metrage has a lot to offer. The bedroom is located upstairs in the space partially limited because of the sloping roof. However, this limitation is not a problem for the Investor, who came up with an idea to put there a long desk, serving the role of a great home office space. It is well sun exposed thanks to roof windows, which aditionally let into the space some fresh air. The white, grey and wooden colours are perfectly balanced here so the space looks, bright, light and even though it is quite small it is definetly not cluttered.

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Living room with grey furniture and plants, 3D interiorOffice brown wooden table, 3D render