These architectural renderings present the exteriors of two semi-detached dwellings located in Sweden, which were designed on a rectangular plan.

The investment includes two semi-detached buildings, which could accommodate four families with children. Each of the residents owns some garden space with a terrace separated with a wooden fence in a matching colour. Apart from the terraces in the backyard, there are some balconies of a quite big size in the front, facing the street. Those duplex houses seem to be just perfect for families with young children as they may find here plenty of safe space, where they can play and spend their spare time after school.

The material used for elevation of those buildings is in the natural greyish colour with a variety of different shadings. The roof is flat, which allow to use all the roof space as a living space, without the loss of meterage. It is quite convenient for the residents as the slants always “steal” a bit of the square meters and make the interior much more difficult to design.

Private roofed parking spaces are comfortably located right next to the building, so the families would not have any problems with safe access to their vehicles, even though there are no garages available on the premises, at the same time the parking spots can be easily entered from the road facilities. The driveways are finished off in the similar colour pallete as the houses to preserve the consistency in the design.

In those 3D visualizations you can spot the houses are located in a rather peaceful area surrounded with the natural beauty of trees, bushes and other plants. Nevertheless, it perfectly matches the environmental area with its natural colour choice and simple balancing shades and lines.

Viscato artists prepared the interior visualizations of this investments as well. You can find them here:

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3D architectural visualization of a multi family building in Sweden3D visualization of a villa in Kuwait- Viscato