The following renders are of a new residential building in Wroclaw. VISCATO artists were very happy to prepare 3D visualizations of a building located in their hometown.

The capital city of the Lower Silesia district has been constantly growing and spreading to the outskirts and suburbs, outside the hastle and bustle of the city. Still, taking into consideration the historical city centre, there are still some empty plots on the map, which haven’t been developed after the II World War destruction, and so it is this particular place. The new construction will be located in a part of Wroclaw that is in need of modern, neat architecture. The presented building will be the second example of modern architecture in the area, thus contributing to the revitalization of its surroundings. The building is composed of many micro-apartments, as the need for such has been on the rise. More and more students and young entrepreneurs come to the city and look for small one bedroom apartments which won’t cost them an arm and a leg. Even though the apartments are not of a big size, they are equipped in large windows and balconies to give the impression of a more specious setting. The exterior is finished with wood, glass and metal in order to deliver a contemporary look. However, to make this residential area more pleasant, there are green spaces in front of the construction, perfectly harmonizing with its style.

If you are looking for ideas how to design such a small place for living, have a look at the 3D interior visualization of this investment.

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3D visualization a single housing development in Sweden- bird eye view3d architectural visualization of a multi family building with rooftop terraces