This project presents a visualization of a residential building in Munich. Munich is a historical city. Its architecture is a blend of baroque, neo-classical and neo-medieval architecture with contemporary design.
This is due to its rich architectural history. After The second World War, the city was almost completely destroyed. The city was rebuilt focusing on the vintage styles listed above, but reconstructing residential areas with, at the time, modern multi-family architecture.
That’s where our 3d visualisation comes in. The renders display a contemporary building that despite its modern style, fits in the classical surroundings due to its old-fashioned elements. This fusion of classical and modern is then accented with subtle green areas. The building is located on a semicircular intersection, adjusting its shape to the street. One of the staples of modern architecture is the incorporation of large, simple windows located on the entire semicircular face of the building. The architectural renders also include an enclosed plaza in the middle, providing residents with a relaxing view of a recreational green space from their inner windows and balconies.
The construction also includes a convenient, large, exterior elevator, which will be useful for residents who are e.g. moving in, carrying groceries or with baby strollers.

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