These exterior visualizations were prepared for our client from Luxembourg. Their idea was to renovate the already existing building to extend the residential area and give it more contemporary style.

The building is divided into two parts, designed to be unique and similar to each other at the same time. The first part of it is kept rather in traditional design. It is placed at the corner of the streets with white windows facing the street in three directions. The second building presents modern idea of design with large dark-framed windows and more shiny elevation. Such architectural renderings are particular interesting because of the obvious issue, as the beautifully present how attractive the contrastive design can look if some mutual points are kept. Both parts have slanting roofs with roof lights, designed according to the same trend of colour and material. Thereby, the elevation of both is kept in the pleasant warm- beige colour with lighter and darker geometrical shapes.

There are places for business establishments in the ground floor of the real estate with large windows letting in plenty of natural light, offering easy access straight from the street. Additionally, there are some parking spaces right on the street, which is highly convenient for potential customers.

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3D renders of a housign estate in Sweden- Viscato3D exterior rendering of a house - Viscato