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Prestigious and large interiors are something that everyone dreams of, regardless of the continent or the country. Balance is a key for creating the glamorous interior design. Using too many fancy pieces of furniture may end up with an overwhelming conception that would ruin the initial image.

In glamorous interior design you can play with expressive colours, shapes and materials. Especially in such large apartments it is possible to design and organize the home in a very sophisticated way, without any space limitations. Elegant wooden floor and dark wall panels nicely match the stylish furniture and golden finishings spread out in each of the rooms in the form of a e.g.: chandellier, table or a designer stair barrier. Even though the walls are in a dark shade, the large windows surrounding the area let in plenty of natural light. The additional advantage of this penthouse is a spacious terrace which also enlarges the whole living area as the windows open up and create an easy access from the inside into the outside. The residents can sit, relax and enjoy the view over the city.

These 3D interior visualizations present a perfectly balanced and thought through design in which every detail is utterly conformed.

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Shopping Mall in Germany - entrance, ViscatoScandinavian style 3d interior- Viscato